Seo Geon-chang’s “Cold Winter” is so quiet…Will he be keeping an eye on the situation at KIA

It has already been more than a month since Seo Geon-chang came out to the cold winter market. His team, the LG Twins, had a toast by winning their first championship in 29 years, but Seo Geon-chang was notified of the release. It was said that Seo Geon-chang asked LG, which had no seat, to release him first.

“Man Who Changed the History of the KBO League.” “200-hit MVP in a single season. Even under the current 144 games system, there were no 200-hit batters, but in 2014, Seo Kun-chang set a new record of 128 games in the KBO League.

Seo’s baseball career, which seemed to be walking on Tantan-daero, was hampered by injury, and his dream scenario of a “FA hit” was completely ruined. He played three FA games, but failed to even apply for one. His transfer to the LG Twins and meetings with manager Yeom Kyung-yeop, which seemed to be the last twist, did not make Seo’s dream come true.

However, the fact that Seo has asked for his release means that he has not lost his passion as an active player yet. Fortunately, his former home Kiwoom Heroes reached out as soon as Seo was released. However, for a month now, Seo has not said that he will join hands with Kiwoom.

Under these circumstances, it is questionable whether the two sides are in a position to choose between cold and hot rice. However, Seo Geon-chang, who desperately needs to recover his honor, has no choice but to be cautious. We need to find a team that can play at least one more game. Only when he plays in games can he regain his honor.

With many teams completing their reinforcements, there is a notable team. It is the “hometown team” KIA Tigers. Seo Geon-chang is from Gwangju Jeil High School. KIA’s FA negotiations with Kim Sun-bin, the main second baseman, are running into a long-term battle. It is a supposition, but if Kim Sun-bin goes to another team, Seo Geon-chang could consider KIA as the land of opportunity. KIA should also come up with an alternative. Although he denied that it was true, rumors have already been circulated that he had contact with Seo Geon-chang and Kim Min-sung. 온라인카지노사이트

From Seo Geon-chang’s point of view, each team is finished organizing its second base position, and you can choose the most realistic answer. This is because Kiwoom is waiting for him until the end. So it is likely that time will continue to pass. If you make a cold judgment that your chances of playing in the first team are low, it is also a time to think about your career itself. As mentioned above, if you don’t play in the first team, all the meaning of FA re-challenge and honor recovery will disappear.

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