UFC’s best nickname of 30 years 2nd place…Why “Korean Zombie” is loved?

The UFC, which celebrates its 30th anniversary, has selected 30 players with the best nicknames in history. Above Chung is “Axe Murder” and “Vandalay Silva” from Brazil. If translated directly into Korean, he would be an ax killer. Many people say that his nickname is worthy of Silva’s somewhat rough appearance. It was even more so because he was a fighter who was good at “X-kick” (hitting the neck of his opponent).

Tony Ferguson’s “El Cucuy” came in at No. 3. El Cucuy is a ghost of Hispanic culture. In Korean, he is a goblin. Analysts say that the nickname also matches Ferguson’s image. Jones’ “Bones” and Choo Sung-hoon’s “Sexyyama” are ranked sixth and eighth, respectively.

“Korean Zombies” and “X Muderer” always compete for the best nickname in the rankings. Tapology, which comprehensively counts fighters, ranked Jung Chan-sung first in the “UFC’s Best Nickname” category. The second place is Silva. You can see that Jung Chan-sung’s nickname is attractive to the public and the media.

There is a reason why the nickname “zombie” is stuck in fans’ minds. This is due to Jung’s fighting style, which lacks reverse gear. As befits his nickname, Jung did not fear being beaten by his opponent and broke into the street, showing off his “zombie” style. Jung, who was on the defensive in the match against Max Holloway of the U.S., which became a farewell match for Octagon, boldly advanced by swinging his fist, proving why he is a zombie. This is why fans became so enthusiastic about his nickname.

In the past, Sports Kida, a global sports media outlet, said, “Jung Chan-sung has advanced in most games. He never backed down from the damage. This amazing ability has been likened to a zombie who cannot feel pain,” shedding light on the origin of the nickname.

In the U.S., the home of the UFC, Jung’s name is often unknown. Instead, Jung is called a Korean zombie or zombie. Korean zombies can be included in the subtitles of the UFC fight. Even though Jung has a nickname, he is often called a zombie or a nose zombie.

Jung also made good use of his nickname. He created a character by portraying himself as a zombie and a face, and created goodies such as a hoodie to attract enthusiastic responses from fans. The profile picture of Jung’s YouTube channel “Korean Zombie” is also emblazoned with zombie characters. 사설 토토사이트

In the past, Jung boasted, “For me, (Korean Zombie) is MMA’s best nickname. It’s very important for me to have exciting matches. I love that style of fighting, and I want to entertain my fans as much as possible.” After his retirement, he is still being called by nicknames more often than by name.

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