Sar got scolded by SON, who is strict even if he wins…I saw POSTECH on “Papa” and said, “Save me.”

Tottenham beat promoted team Luton Town 1-0 in the eighth round of the 2023-2024 Premier League at Luton Kenilworth Road in England on the 7th (Korea Standard Time). Tottenham with six wins and two draws (20 points) led the Premier League by beating Manchester City (6 wins, 1 loss, 19 points), which played one less game, to second place.

Bissouma received a yellow card in the 38th minute of the first half and was warned again in the 49th minute of extra time. Eventually, Bissouma was sent off for accumulated warnings. Tottenham were in a inferior position with 10 players fighting throughout the second half.

James Maddison and Mickey van der Ben saved Tottenham. Mickey Van der Ben, who received a short pass from James Madison in the 6th minute of the second half, scored a golden winning goal. It was defender Van der Ben’s debut goal for Tottenham. He was also named the most valuable player. 토토사이트

Son Heung-min, who started as a one-top player, played 76 minutes and replaced defender Emerson. Coach Enzi Postecoglou never overpowered Son Heung-min even in a difficult situation where 10 people fought. He no longer excessively aimed for additional goals, but kept the victory by adding a defender instead of Son Heung-min. As a result, he didn’t overdo the ace.

Son Heung-min also started as a one-top in the match against Liverpool on the 1st and scored his sixth goal in the 36th minute of the first half. Son played for only 69 minutes and was replaced by Solomon. Son Heung-min, who scored multiple goals against Arsenal and played only 79 minutes, was replaced again. As such, Postecoglou is paying special attention to Son Heung-min’s physical condition.

After the game, a fun scene was captured with Papasar, who emerged as Son Heung-min’s new attachment doll. Senegalese national rising star, who joined Tottenham last season, drew much attention as he showed close relationship with Son Heung-min from the pre-season. In fact, he said in an interview, “Son Heung-min takes the best care of the team.”

Sar has emerged as a new treasure for Tottenham this season. Under Enzi Postecoglou, he is a regular starter along with Yves Bissouma. He is playing in all eight of his team’s league games. On the same day, he defended the team by playing full time at a time when Bissouma was sent off.

Although he is a close brother, captain Son Heung-min is also a senior member of the team, showing how he scolds Sar when he scolds him. It was the same after the Luton game. Son Heung-min approached Sar and pointed out something roughly as if he were somewhat angry, urging him to work hard. Then Sar, who was in trouble, responded with an awkward expression with a water bottle.

Coach Postecoglou, who saw this, saved Sar. He approached Son Heung-min and Sar with a smile. Then, after playing a high five with Sar, who played full time, he saved Son Heung-min from reprimand by hanging headlocks and playing tricks.

Is Son Heung-min also relieved of his anger. After Postecoglou left, Son Heung-min also hugged Sar and played with him in the tunnel, enjoying the victory. It was a scene where you could see the tight connection between the Tottenham team and Coach Postecoglou and the atmosphere in the team that you have to do it when you do it.

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