Historic Casino Boats Will Become Hotels

The River Boat was built in 1923 and operated along the Ohio River for 10 years. In 1933, it became a st. Louis passenger steamboat and later an entertainment vessel. In 1991, it was reborn as one of the first gambling boats in the United States by the president of a casino in Davenport, Iowa. Currently, the historic vessel is in the process of dismantling at Alton.

The five-story riverboat is being split into 15 zones to make it easier to reach its final destination in St Elmo, Illinois, and will be converted into an 80-room hotel, convention center and museum in a new permanent mooring in Tower Lake. The project is a joint venture between the town of St Elmo and a group of seven investors. 파친코

The Discovery Channel’s crew is recording the whole process of the new season of “Mega Move,” which will air sometime after the next season begins in January. There is also a story about the history of the River Boat and a documentary that focuses on celebrities who have played on it over the years, including Lewis Armstrong, Tina Turner, Alogurri, and the rock band U2.

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