‘Rookie Seung-bin Choi received Wonju’ Unique and enjoyable DB and fan ‘pre-opening greetings’

Rookie Choi Seung-bin has the strongest thighs in the DB.

The Wonju DB held a fan meet-and-greet following their scrimmage against the Seoul Samsung at the Wonju General Gymnasium 토토 on the 26th. The first scrimmage was a close one, with DB winning 72-70.

Although it was a scrimmage, the atmosphere was just as exciting as the regular season. Even before the game started, many fans came to the stadium and stayed in their seats, and the on-court announcers kept the atmosphere bright. There were events such as ‘Guess the first goal’ and cheerleading performances at halftime.

Thanks to the fans’ support, DB won the game 72-70 with Lawson’s mid-range shot in the closing seconds. After the game, it was time for the players and fans to mingle. Fans spent time practicing their dances with the cheerleaders while the team took a break for maintenance. When the team reassembled, Coach Kim jokingly greeted them, saying, “I think the players were nervous because there were so many fans here.”

Next up was thigh wrestling. The finalists were Lee Yoon-soo and Choi Seung-bin, who competed against each other. As a surprise, Pan and Kim Hyun-ho also competed in thigh wrestling. The final was tense. Rookie Choi Seung-bin defeated Lee Yoon-soo to become the champion, and he even performed a ceremony by pointing to his thighs.

There was also a time for fans to ask the athletes questions. When asked if there was a player he would like to introduce his younger sister to, Lee Min-seok said, “(Choi) Seung-wook. He’s handsome, humorous, and I think he would be good to my sister.” Choi Seung Wook laughed and said, “Thank you.”

When asked about his award aspirations, Park Chan-hee said, “I want to win the Lee Sung-gu Fair Play Award this season. It’s the most difficult award to win, but I think it will end my career well. I will try to maintain a good relationship with the referees,” she laughed. DB concluded the event by taking a group photo and seeing the players off.

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