An old colleague who “burled” Kim Ha-sung, this time clashed with a fan, “You called me trash! If not, I’ll give you 100 million

Outfielder Tommy Pham (35, Arizona), who is famous for his rough personality in the Major League, is once again in trouble for his clash with fans this time. He is a well-known player to domestic fans because he got angry with his teammate Kim Ha-sung (28, San Diego) two years ago.

Pam recently told a fan on her SNS, “This person blocks me and acts as if his friend is an exemplary citizen, and if the claim that he didn’t call me ‘trash’ passes the lie detector test, I will give him $100,000 (about 130 million won). If he fails to pass, the MLB Secretariat will ban him for life.”

The start of the incident was Arizona’s San Diego away game last weekend. Pam, who was warming up swinging at the waiting plate, got into an argument with San Diego fans sitting nearby. Pam’s claim is that some spectators first called him ‘trash. 토토

Their argument seemed to end in a happening. However, a friend of the group who had a war of words with Pam posted on SNS, saying, “My friend is never a person who will say or do such things in public,” and Pam, who saw it, responded, “Then take a lie detector test.”

USA Today, a US daily newspaper, said, “Pam’s 13-year-old nephew recently received a hate-related message through his SNS account. The Major League Baseball Secretariat is investigating whether it is related to this incident, it reported.

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