Overseas tourists traveling to Macau via Hong Kong will also be eligible for a free one-seater trip by bus or ferry from the participating airlines, Macau’s tourism manager said Monday

Maria Helena de Sena Fernandez also announced that she would extend her ‘buy one and get one’ plan, which was initially promoted as one for Hong Kong residents, until the end of June.

The director of the Macau Government Tourism Authority (MGTO) was speaking on the sidelines of a public event at the Macau Grand Prix Museum in downtown Macau. 경마사이트

The initial travel ticket plan was due to run until March 31 before the MGTO director confirmed the extension on Monday. The initial terms of the deal were that visitors had to stay at least one night in Macau to get a free one-seater ticket.

She also said in a commentary reported by local public broadcaster TDM that Macau will start a kind of subsidy scheme for visitors coming on package tours abroad or through Taiwan in April. There is already a subsidy scheme for package tours via mainland China under certain conditions.

Regarding package trade from the mainland, Sena Fernandez said there were a total of 2,048 inbound package tour groups as of March 23, about three years after Macau resumed on February 6, providing 60,431 visitors.

Of that tally, 542 tours, or 26.5 percent, came from neighboring Guangdong Province and supplied 17,771 visitors to the market.

The broadcaster quoted Sena Fernandez as saying there were a total of 1,439 mainland departures tours that attracted a total of 41,562 visitors who applied for “funding” from the Macau government.

Macau has recently attracted nearly 100,000 daily visitors. But Sena Fernandez’s colleague told local media that Macau’s international visitor numbers are still “relatively low” due to “traffic constraints.”

This included the fact that it takes time to increase the frequency of flights to Macau International Airport. Separately, media outside Macau reported that some international services still have limited flight capacity, and that some ticket prices are higher compared to pre-pandemic transactions.

Hong Kong International Airport is a key hub for visitors who want to visit Macau beyond the Pearl River Delta region. The easiest travel from Hong Kong airport is by bus on the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge over the Delta.

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