New UKGC’s Strategy on Gambling Damage

The new reform strategy for problem gambling is based on the initial programme announced three years ago. However, this updated approach includes more cooperation from local authorities for more consequential effects. The Leeds, Sheffield and Birmingham authorities thus became the most active players.

The UK GC also supported such authorities’ projects. Manchester United Authority and Yorkshire and Humber Public Health. According to the committee’s website, they can educate other regions about gambling damage and tools. 파칭코

The working model of the new strategy also includes online meetings of all local authorities every three months. The total number of members is 46, but only 25 of them showed up at the last meeting in December 2021. Presumably, collaboration and exchange of experience will enable you to find the best solution to the problem.

UK GC aims to reduce gambling-related damage to society even in global pandemic. It would be easier for the Commission to track progress in each UK region to identify the individual direction of action by local authorities.

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