New Executive Chef at Delaware Park Casino & Racing

Delaware Park Casino & Racing is pleased to announce the appointment of executive chef Rob Gerry and a series of exciting food and beverage transformations to be undertaken as part of a $10 million master renovation plan. These enhancements are designed to enhance the overall dining experience for customers and participants while including sustainability.

Known for his innovative culinary creation and dedication to seasonal menus, Chef Rob Gary will be the driving force behind Delaware Park Casino’s gastronomic transformation. Under his guidance, the casino’s restaurants, along with executive chef Jake Waddington, will offer a wide variety of tastes and seasonal tastes. Gary previously served as executive chef at Iron Hill Brewery and restaurant.

“This is an incredibly exciting time at Delaware Park Casino, and I’m proud to join a group of visionary leaders who have invested in creating dynamic sponsors and player experiences,” said Rob Gerry, executive chef at Delaware Park Casino. “We were looking for opportunities to develop culinary expertise and creativity while leading a team of talented culinary experts in creating exceptional dishes. Delaware Park Casino is the perfect fit. I’m inspired and excited for everyone to experience everything we plan to offer.” 온라인카지노

Among the recent additions and upcoming changes are Foo Noodle, a fast-casual noodle bar located in the high-end table game area, and a new “RBAR” for those looking for special cocktail and drink options in a high-end setting. In addition, Delaware Park Casino & Racing is expanding its breakfast menu for Early Riser by revamping the menus of 1937 Brewing Co. and Rooney’s Deli, and we can expect more concept changes and improvements in early 2024.

In addition, the first step in this culinary transformation focuses on the environmental. Delaware Park Casino & Racing is advancing to reduce its environmental footprint by contributing to a more sustainable future by moving away from Styrofoam packaging and adopting greener options.

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