Durango Casino & Resort Unveils Beverage Program

Durango Casino & Resort announced its groundbreaking beverage program, which will debut when it opens on Tuesday, December 5. Guests can expect an incredible variety of drinks that are carefully crafted to provide an exceptional cocktail experience. With a focus on seasonality, quality, creativity and diversity, Durango’s beverage offering will be a memory for everyone visiting the resort’s elegant bar.

David Bonatesta, property mix specialist at Durango Casino & Resort, said, “We are very excited to introduce our innovative beverage program at Durango Casino & Resort.” “With our high-end spirits, fresh seasonal ingredients and handcrafted expertise, we’ve created one of the most unique cocktail programs in the city with our partners and can’t wait for our guests to experience it.”

OASIS, Nico, DRNK, Casino Bar, High Limit Bar, Oyster Bar, STN Sportsbook Bar, Bel-Aire Lounge, High signature cocktail offerings are at the heart of the resort’s beverage program, as it offers a unique and immersive experience in a variety of venues, including Wax Rabbit. See below for a service overview of each destination: 온라인경마

Located in the heart of the casino floor, the oasis offers a hub of energy and handcrafted cocktails within a vibrant table game pit. The warm and charming interior provides a welcoming atmosphere, perfect for enjoying quirky cocktails inspired by desert plants and tropical escapes. Some of the Oasis’s standout options include Ketel One Vodka, Mancino Sakura, Cucumber, Yuzu, Lemon, and Fayshod’s bitterness and egg white served on the table side with rich-scented steam revealed through glass cloche. Diplomatico Reserva, Appleton Estate Signature, Bacardi, rum j.m., Agricole, Hibiscus Palenum, Combeer, toasted coconut, pineapple, lime and nutmeg.

Nico’s Prime Cuts & Fresh Meats, the hotel’s flagship steakhouse, offers 12 signature and classic inspired cocktails that combine modern technology with socially valuable presentations with vintage glam twists. Signature cocktails include Absolute Elix vodka, jasmine cocoon americano, Italianus, raspberry, yuzu, lemon and albrecht cremaan sparkling rosé on top of on cloud nine, finished with a cloud of aromatics mountain berries on the side of the table. Tanquerei ten gin, lavender and hibiscus blanc vermouth, cremed violet, vanilla, lemon and prosecco, patron silver tequila, dolly genepi, avocado and yoghurt crema, azhi amarillo pepper, pineapple, fashion fruit and lime, and more. On top of this experience, guests can enjoy large format cocktails such as Casamigos Blanco Tequila, Apsinthe, Coco americano vermouth, Sencha green tea honey, Charo aloe, and Green Fairy (68 ounces) made with lemon and sparkling wine. This bright and refreshing tequila sour is served through the vintage Apsinthe Fountain, so four people will have the best shared experience.

At the heart of Eat You Heart Out Hall of Foods, the high-energy bar DRNK leverages unexpected flavors with premium spirits, fresh herbs, purees, juices and handmade syrup to adapt craft approaches to traditional frozen cocktails. Guests can enjoy frozen “slick” cocktail sets including aperol spritz with aperol, prosecco and citrus, Sipsmith gin, crème de violet, Luxardo Maraschino and air conditioning with lemon, Heradura Blanco tequila and palomas with grapefruit. Each frozen product is available on a single, large, or four-person mixed match flight or can be selected from a variety of local craft beers, wines, and cocktails on the tab.

Casino bars will be the perfect destination to watch games, play poker, and more while enjoying classic cocktails. The menu includes Sipsmith Gin, Mint, and Lime, a famous Southside cocktail created in 1916, and a popular espresso martini featuring Hemingway Dyquiri, Bacardi White Rum, Luxardo Maraschino, Grapefruit, and Stolly Vanilla, Mr. Black, espresso made in 1983.

High-limit bars provide a high price and comfortable experience for customers who want a luxurious catalog. There are many choices available, and customers can personalize the spirit of choice with a professionally curated glass program with all customers in mind, enjoy classic cocktails or choose delicious wines and champagne.

STN Sportsbook Bar will be a gathering place for both beer lovers and sports fans. The classic beer and shot combo is upgraded to fresh raw cocktails and spirits forward pairing such as Passico and Paloma, Elysian Space Dust IPA and Gold Rush, and Guinness and Jameson. You can also find local favorite beers and seasonal beers from the best local breweries in the valley. The STN Sportsbook bar is directly adjacent to the George Sportsman Lounge, which offers a variety of specialty cocktails created by corporate beverage director Mark Hefter, including Takei 15 Haku vodka, lemon juice, yuzu syrup and cups with the lemon logo.

Modeled after the world-famous Palace Station Oyster Bar, the Oyster Bar offers a sophisticated dining experience and features classic New Orleans-style cocktails and craft beer. Signature cocktails such as Big Easy, Peach, Lime, Ginger Beer, Cajun Spice, and Fayshod Beater with Ketel One, and today’s Catch of the Day like Casamigos Blanco, Genifi, Triple Sec, Lime, and Havanero Tincure are some of the must-eat items on your travels.

Created by Nadine Medina, Bel-Aire Lounge’s carefully crafted beverage program will be highlighted by its handcrafted cocktails, which are as savoury as they are. Special products include orange sherbet made with Belvedere vodka, monin cantalupe syrup, coconut water, turmeric powder, and cinnamon orange herb tea, and papaya lemon zest foam, dehydrated orange slices, blue corn flower spray-decorated blue Blossom, gin, monin violet syrup, fresh lemon juice, yuzu juice, rose water, angostura cocoa beater, egg whites, and blue Blossom decorated with blue pansies and dehydrated corn flowers.

Wax Rabbit will be an immersive cocktail lounge hidden behind the walls of the Mizo Modern Mexican restaurant. The state-of-the-art mixology program created by Nadine Medina will highlight the rich taste of classical liberation and the taste of professionally curated mezcal and tequila, paired with Mexico’s finest distillers. Cocktails, including Patron Reposado tequila, Ancho Reyes Chilean liqueur, cactus, and no-fales made with mint, will honor Mexico’s rich distillate heritage, while colorful cocktails designed for sharing will appeal to guests, such as Candy Jar, which features botanist gin, aloe vera, acai, blueberry red bull, and vanilla.

Durango Casino & Resort’s extensive beverage program offers unique and attractive options at each location and aims to satisfy the diverse tastes of guests. Whether customers are looking for vintage glam, craft frozen cocktails, classic favorites, high-end spirits, or local beer, this drink program is for everyone.

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