Manchester United, Liverpool, and Arsenal Legends united, “Tottenham will lose at home to Villa…””You won’t have any income”

While English football legends gathered in one place and predicted the outcome of the Premier League match, which will resume after the A-match break, Tottenham all predicted that they would lose to Aston Villa at home.

No one thought Tottenham Hotspur would win against Aston Villa.

Manchester United legends Gary Neville and Roy Keane, Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher and Arsenal legend Ian Wright appeared on the “Stick to Football” podcast on the 23rd (Korea time) to predict the outcome of the game.

In the “Super 6” section of the podcast, where Neville and Keane divide sides to predict the outcome of the game, the person who predicts the results of the six games given and gets more right by the end of the season wins. 토토사이트

Neville and Keane took turns making predictions about the game and intervened in Keane’s turn, predicting that “Aston Villa will beat Tottenham 2-1. Keane rebuked, “It’s my turn, why are you intervening?” and said, “I think Aston Villa will beat Tottenham 2-1.”

Neville took the plunge and went further. “Aston Villa will beat Tottenham 3-1,” he predicted. Nor did soccer experts such as Carragher and Wright express surprise. “Tottenham will never win,” Carragher stressed. Everyone agreed and made a rather crude assessment that “Tottenham will not take anything from the game.”

Tottenham are currently in fourth place in the league, followed by Aston Villa in fifth place by one point. The match between Tottenham and Aston Villa on the 26th is expected to be very fierce.

However, the recent aspects of the two teams are completely different. Aston Villa have lost just two games in their last 10 games, showing a formidable record of seven wins and one draw. On the other hand, Tottenham must lose three key players and play. It seems to have been concluded that Tottenham was completely defeated from the view that it was because the key pillar of the team’s offense and defense was missing.

Tottenham lost key offensive James Maddison, key defenders Christian Romero and Mickey Pantherpen in the 11th round of the 2023/24 English Premier League against Chelsea on the 7th.

Madison will be out for a long time due to an ankle injury and Pantherpen will be out for a long time due to a hamstring injury. Romero was sent off directly and suspended for three games for committing a dangerous tackle. Therefore, it was calculated that Tottenham is likely to lose points to Aston Villa and reverse its ranking.

“Tottenham coach Anji Postecoglou has performed well so far, but if he loses two main defenders and a playmaker at once, he will have no choice but to suffer,” the football media “TBR Football” said. “Aston Villa is a team that can properly attack Tottenham’s faults because they are currently showing excellent attack power.”

If Postecoglou wins the game against Aston Villa, it will be a golden opportunity to publicize his ability to cope with the crisis.

Meanwhile, Neville and Keane predicted that Newcastle would win 2-0 and 2-1 against Chelsea and Newcastle, respectively. The match between Arsenal and Brentford was predicted to be 1-0 and 2-1 Arsenal wins, respectively. Manchester United and Everton are expected to share points, with a 1-1 and 2-2 draw.

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