The boos of 60,000 spectators were Klinsmann, but he got the result for now

It was a game that started with booing, but the result was a big win.

The South Korean national soccer team, led by coach Jurgen Klinsmann, won a 4-0 A match friendly against Tunisia at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on Oct. 13.

South Korea completely defeated Africa’s ambush Tunisia with Lee Kang-in’s two-goal one-man show, Kim Min-jae’s induction of an additional goal own goal, and Hwang Ui-jo’s wedge goal. Klinsmann, who cut a five-game winless streak against Saudi Arabia in September, has won the most points since taking office.

Even before the game, fans felt chilly. Klinsmann’s view of the coach is not good. As a result of only one win in six games, it is interpreted that the fan sentiment has quickly cooled due to the contents of the game in which even the rear build-up, which has been honed for four years, and Clinsman’s “Korea passing” behavior.

When the video of the introduction of the players appeared on a large electronic display ahead of the game, the fan sentiment was clearly revealed. 토토사이트

The crowd, who cheered whenever the players’ names rang out, booed Klinsmann when he appeared on the screen. Six months after taking office, he became a coach who heard booing from home fans.

It laid the groundwork for a turnaround. Klinsmann won a huge victory in the match watched by nearly 60,000 spectators. Since taking office, he has won the most points and has won two consecutive games at the same time.

If the results improve, Klinsmann cannot criticize the way he works. Coach Klinsmann recently expressed his intention to increase overseas activities if he performs well in the Asian Cup through an online press conference. Klinsmann’s future ultimately depends on how he performs in the Asian Cup.

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