Lee Kang-in Sweeps Mbappe and Ligue 1 ‘Christmas Poster’…Son Heung-min is also the main character of the EPL

The French Ligue 1 secretariat posted a video of Lee Kang-in’s performance this season and the national flag and star emoticon on the social network service (SNS) on the 25th (Korea time). For about two minutes, Lee Kang-in’s performance (drribble, breakthrough, tackle, etc.) was uploaded, making fans’ hearts flutter during the Christmas holiday.

Ligue 1 celebrated Christmas on behalf of Lee Kang-in during the Christmas holiday. Mbappe, Lee Kang-in, and Luis Enrique were featured as signs at a uniform sharing event to celebrate the holiday. Lee Kang-in was included in the Merry Christmas post, and another poster decorating the Christmas tree appeared.

Lee Kang-in visited London to celebrate the winter break. He posted a photo of himself watching Big Ben on his social networking service, and Ligue 1 shared a photo of Lee himself posted, saying, “Lee Kang-in is enjoying his holiday.”

The same applies to the Premier League. “It’s the most important day of the year. I hope everyone enjoys it,” the Premier League secretariat said on its Christmas holiday after Boxing Day. While Mohamed Salah and Jack Grealish were smiling brightly, Son Heung-min was also there with the ceremony.

Lee Kang-in is a former member of the Valencia Youth Team and has learned the basics of soccer in Europe. Unlike his peers, he repeatedly played in the first team of Valencia and the UEFA Champions League. High-ranking Valencia officials also evaluated Lee Kang-in as the team’s core future, but the tactical atmosphere did not match on the spot. Lee Kang-in decided to leave Valencia, where he played for a long time and grew up together, for the playing time. 메이저 토토사이트

The destination was Mallorca. She did not have a satisfactory performance in her debut season due to her lackluster physical condition and the aftermath of the novel coronavirus, but she was an active player in her second period. She became the first Korean to score double-digit attack points in the Primera Liga, and participated in the World Cup held in Qatar that season, where she shared Korea’s round of 16.

As it was connected to Atletico Madrid, Manchester City, and Manchester United, it attracted the attention of Europe. Mallorca said it could not be sent in the winter. If he paid for the buyout in the summer, he would send Lee Kang-in, but Paris Saint-Germain sent him a love call. After the national team’s schedule ended in June, he signed a five-year contract until 2028 on No. 19, announcing his new challenge.

Lee Kang-in worked out in the pre-season and played in the first match against Le Havre. He played with Kylian Mbappe and others on the ground, but suffered a muscle injury before the end of the first half. After focusing on recovery, he played in the second half of a friendly match with Jeonbuk Hyundai in Busan.

Returning to France, he focused on his debut match in the 2023-24 season. He had high expectations as a starting member of his team. However, he suffered a muscle injury while preparing for the third round. He focused on recovery by skipping an A match in September and played for the Hangzhou Asian Games and the Korean national team in October, enhancing his sense of play in matches. Gradually, he took off as a key player in Paris Saint-Germain. He moved back and forth between winger and midfielder, drawing keen attention from Enrique.

Even if he played as a substitute in the UEFA Champions League, he showed an all-around performance. After 19 minutes of playing in the third group match against AC Milan, he scored a goal for the first time in his professional career in the Champions League. Since then, he had a chance to start in the fifth group match against Newcastle United at home.

He played in both leagues and the Champions League, increasing his playing time. Coach Luiz Enrique also trusted Lee’s potential when asked about coexistence with Vitinha, saying, “It is possible because of various positions and potentials.” Recently, he started three consecutive games and played full-time in two consecutive games.

With a 2-0 lead in the third round of Group F of the Champions League group stage against AC Milan at home in October, he has recorded three offensive points so far since his transfer to Paris Saint-Germain due to a horse-riding goal.

As a midfielder, he provided Mbappe with a pass that cut across the ground. When he had a chance to shoot in front of the gate, he did not hesitate to aim for the opponent’s net. When Mbappe accumulated one assist through an impressive out-front pass in the 10th round of the French Ligue 1, he even paid attention to the French Ligue 1 secretariat.

The French Ligue 1 secretariat added Lee Kang-in to the best eleven in the 10th round selected by the Ligue 1 secretariat after the game in which Mbappe accumulated one assist. Lee Kang-in, who was heated up, showed off his presence by scoring his French Ligue 1 debut goal against Montpellier in the 11th round.

Paris Saint-Germain was named the goal of the month in November, and at the same time, it was nominated for the French Ligue 1 goal of the month in November, solidifying its position. Although its offensive point has slowed down recently, it has been gaining the upper hand in the competition to become a starting member of Paris Saint-Germain by playing full-time in two consecutive league matches.

Of course, there was a sudden criticism ahead of the match against Newcastle United. “French soccer commentator and analyst Menes said he was overrated” when asked about Lee Kang-in’s recruitment and the match, according to Planet PSG, which announced the news of Paris Saint-Germain. He doubted Lee Kang-in’s qualifications and made no secret of his skepticism.

His remarks were made by Menes, who played as a soccer expert for French leading magazine Lecipe and French broadcaster Canal Plus. He said on his YouTube channel, “I always thought Lee Kang-in was lightweight. Lee Kang-in scored two or three beautiful goals, but my thoughts still remain unchanged. Lee Kang-in has no personality. He dribbles on the side a lot and lacks the ability to pass forward. In the match against Brestua, he delivered a great pass to Kylian Mbappe, but this is not enough. This is not what Paris Saint-Germain wants from an attacking midfielder.”

However, Enrique trusted Lee Kang-in and started the match against Newcastle United. Despite his lack of points, Enrique displayed stellar performance as a starter. Since then, he continued to play as a starting pitcher in the league, invigorating the team’s offense against Paris Saint-Germain.

Son Heung-min is a top-class striker in the Premier League and a key player in Tottenham. He has continued to play a key role with the captain’s armband around his arm this season. Key players left one after another due to injury, but Son committed himself. He scored one goal and one assist in the game against Manchester City to pave the way for a come-from-behind defeat against West Ham, and publicly criticized him.

Tottenham’s players focused afterwards and secured three points against Newcastle United and Nottingham Forest. Son Heung-min set the Premier League’s milestone of double-digit goals for the eighth consecutive season by scoring against Newcastle United, and led his team to victory against Nottingham Forest by playing for 88 minutes.

The team will play a home game against Everton on Tuesday. The absence of Son Heung-min and Christian Romero in the team training for Tottenham’s official channel raised concerns. “Two of Tottenham’s most important players were not seen at the training camp ahead of the match against Everton,” British media outlet TBR Football said. “The two main players, Dejan Kluzewski, Pape Sarr, Pedro Porro and Destiny Udogi, were on the training video, but none of them were there.”

“Tottenham fans hope Son Heung-min and Romero took a break to manage their physical stamina. The two players participated in the training, but there is a possibility that they were not captured in the three-minute training video. Fans are eagerly waiting for Postecoglou’s pre-match press conference,” the media reported.

In the previews of most local media outlets, Son Heung-min was selected as the starting pitcher for the match against Everton. As Tottenham and Postecoglou manager did not make any special announcement, he will likely play without difficulties. In fact, Son continued to play even after injury concerns, including against West Ham, and led his team to victory.

If he played in the match against Everton and scored, he would have scored his 11th goal in the Premier League. He shook the net with a cool shot at his home stadium, giving Christmas gifts to his home fans. Tottenham ended its smooth boxing day by securing three consecutive wins after overcoming a five-game winless slump in November.

Recently, the Guardian has also made it to the top list of the “Player of the Year” list of the most influential British newspaper. Every year, the Guardian selects the Player of the Year with 218 judges including former soccer players, coaches, reporters, and broadcasters. Son Heung-min surpassed Luca Modric (Real Madrid), John Stones (Manchester City), and Cristiano Ronaldo (Al Nasr) as the “Guardian” list of the 24th.

The media outlet said, “Son Heung-min has not been in good form due to a sports hernia during the 2022-23 season. Tottenham was sluggish and didn’t want to put Son on the verge of putting his team on the verge of crisis. However, it was sluggish and his attack points significantly decreased. Afterwards, he underwent sports hernia surgery and returned to full physical condition. He is actively working under Coach Enzi Postecoglou. Postecoglou is utilizing Son not only as a left winger but also as a No.9 player.”

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