“Lee Kang-in lacks consistency!” “Popularity beats Mbappe!”….”Bottle and medicine” press

The French media gave “bottle” and “medicine” to French giants Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) Lee Kang-in. In conclusion, there is a lack of performance, but it is the best in terms of marketing. France’s Le10sport explained Lee Kang-in, saying, “Did PSG sign a good contract with Lee Kang-in? From a sports level, the 22-year-old midfielder lacks consistency.” In other words, it means that he does not play well in every game.

There is no player in the world who is good at every game. Lee Kang-in has firmly established himself as a starting member of PSG with the absolute trust of Luis Enrique. However, Lee Kang-in had to be criticized by the French media recently. In response, he spoke of Lee Kang-in with his skills. He gave his second assist of the season in the 17th round match against the scalpel, fighting against external criticism. Nevertheless, it seems that there is still something to be desired in the eyes of the French media.

Pointing out that Lee Kang-in is inconsistent, the media stressed that Lee Kang-in’s popularity is the best. It is like giving medicine. When it comes to popularity, he surpasses Kylian Mbappe, the team’s symbol and ES. The media outlet said, “Lee Kang-in outperforms Mbappe in popularity. There is no problem from a marketing point of view. Lee Kang-in is enjoying immense popularity in Korea, and the club has enjoyed considerable commercial advantages since he came to PSG.” 온라인카지노사이트

“The number of uniforms with PSG back number 19 has exploded in recent months. This is overwhelming Mbappe. PSG lost Lionel Messi and Neymar, but the recruitment of Lee Kang-in will enable them to fill the gap between Messi and Neymar in terms of marketing. Most of Lee Kang-in’s uniforms are ordered in Asia,” he stressed.

“Online sales are dominated by Lee Kang-in. There are many enthusiasts who like Lee Kang-in. Online sales are ahead of Mbappe. However, Mbappe is still No. 1 when the number of uniforms sold in offline stores is added together. Lee Kang-in is closely following Mbappe,” he analyzed.

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