Lee Kang-in can win PSG for the first time!…Request to participate in the French Super Cup + club efforts → ‘permission completed’

PSG will compete with Toulouse for the trophy at the 2023 Trope de Champion (French Super Cup) at 4:45 a.m. on the 4th (Korea time) at the Parc des Princes in Paris, France. The Trope de Champion is a super cup hosted by the French Football Federation, a match between the French Ligue 1 winners and the Coupe de France winners.

The most winning team was PSG, which reached the top 11 times (four times in second place). This time, PSG, the winner of the 2022-23 season, and Toulouse, the winner of the Coup de France, will meet. Initially, it was unclear whether Lee Kang-in would participate. Some players from overseas, who are on the final list of the Asian Cup, will be called up to Abu Dhabi from January 2 to quench the Asian Cup. If Lee Kang-in also leaves at the same time, he could not participate in the French Super Cup.

Rather than discussing the schedule at a press conference to announce the Asian Cup roster, national team coach Jurgen Klinsmann said, “A considerable number of players have grown, and many young players have joined. A special player has also appeared. The player I want to say the most is Lee Kang-in. He has a very special talent. He moved from Majorca to PSG and has improved a lot as time has increased.”

In the end, he decided to join after finishing his schedule until the French Super Cup. The Korea Football Association (KFA) said, “Most of the players, including Son Heung-min (Tottenham Hotspur), will leave his team for Abu Dhabi on Jan. 2 next year in line with the rules for call-up. Lee will join immediately after his team plays in the Super Cup.” In a related development, multiple French media outlets covered Lee’s call-up. “Lee Kang-in will be able to play in the final match against Toulouse. He has told KFA that he wants to participate in the match against Toulouse.” 에볼루션 바카라사이트

He continued, “As the agreement was reached, Lee Kang-in became the only overseas player who did not join on time. Lee Kang-in will leave the country to join the national team immediately after the match against Toulouse.” PSG also really wanted Lee Kang-in, and it was the result of numerous conversations with KFA. France’s RMC Sports said, “PSG worked hard to secure Lee Kang-in’s participation in the French Super Cup,” while Le Parisien also said, “After Lee Kang-in was officially listed on the list, numerous discussions took place. PSG secured meaningful results by ensuring Lee Kang-in’s participation through a meeting four days ago.”

Lee Kang-in will be on the ground whether he is a starter or a replacement against Toulouse on the 4th, and if he wins, he will lift his first trophy since joining PSG. In addition, it is the second trophy since Copa del Rey in the 2018-19 season when he was in Valencia throughout his career. Lee Kang-in’s transfer to PSG through the transfer market this summer has reset his consent to move to the Asian Games. Coach Hwang Sun-hong had originally coordinated with Mallorca, but he had to set it up again with this transfer.

In July, Hwang said at a press conference to announce the final list, “I continue to communicate with PSG. Lee Kang-in has a strong will to participate in the Asian Games. The team had already coordinated its withdrawal from Majorca. However, due to the rapid transfer of PSG, coordination should proceed. (Lee) Kang-in has a strong will and continues to cooperate, so we need to coordinate. I think it very positively and look forward to it.”

After that, a tug-of-war continued and an agreement was reached. “PSG approved Lee Kang-in’s participation in the Asian Games. Striker Lee Kang-in got permission from his club to participate in the Asian Games (Sept. 19 – Oct. 8) in China. After several days of being at the center of controversy in his home country of Korea, he was finally able to participate in the Asian Games. He got permission from his club this Thursday.”

“Lee Kang-in, who has injured his thigh after arriving from Mallorca for 22 million euros (about 31 billion won) in transfer fee this summer, will fly to China in the coming hours, where the tournament will take place. There was no reason to send the Asian Games as they were not included in the official schedule of FIFA. The decision was made through dialogue between players, players’ agents, and the club. “I thank the club for handling the situation and helping the players in this way. Everyone is happy,” a source close to the player added.

“Lee Kang-in, who was acquired from Mallorca for 22 million euros this summer, has not played many official PSG matches. In July, he was injured in his first warm-up match against Le Havre, and was absent from matches against France and Lyon after suffering another injury in the Ligue 1 match against Toulouse. This time, he will be absent once again due to reasons unrelated to his health conditions. PSG has agreed with South Korea to allow Lee Kang-in to participate in the Asian Games, which will be held from Sept. 23 to Oct. 9,” he added.

In addition, “Lee Kang-in will miss his second Champions League match against Newcastle United and the league match against Marseille, an important schedule.” PSG will have to stay without new strikers as Marco Asensio will be sidelined for a month due to injury. Fortunately, however, we can lean on Gonzalo Hamus, Usman Dembele, Randal Kolo Muani and Kylian Mbappe.”

European transfer market expert Fabricio Romano also sealed the victory. “PSG has decided to approve Lee Kang-in’s participation in the Asian Games today. The club will send Lee Kang-in to the 2023 Asian Games,” he explained. Lee Kang-in later joined the Asian Games team and played, and was able to receive exemption from military service by winning the gold medal.

Lee Kang-in signed with PSG in July. A significant tug-of-war ensued and an agreement was reached at the end. Juanmi Sanchez of Spain’s Marca said, “Mayorka and PSG have reached a complete agreement on the transfer of Lee Kang-in. Lee Kang-in will play for PSG.” He added, “Mayorka will receive over 17 million euros (about 24 billion won) due to the transfer of Lee Kang-in, who joined as a free agent in 2021. The total transfer fee is 22 million euros, of which 20% (4.4 million euros and 6 billion won) is for Lee.”

“This has resulted in the completion of interest and negotiations that have been going on since June 12. Negotiations took more time than necessary and an agreement was finally reached. It is expected to be officially signed with the team within the next few hours.” PSG then announced on its website, “Lee Kang-in has signed with PSG. I am happy to announce his contract through June 2028. Lee has become PSG’s first Korean player.” The number will remain the same as No. 19, which was used in Mallorca.

Lee Kang-in said in an interview with his club, “My position on the field is diverse. I’m a midfielder who can play with both wings. And I’m a technical player who kicks the ball comfortably. I have a lot of desire and thirst to win together. I came here to help the team win championships and everything related to the team.” In addition, he said, “I always want to help the team. I want to help the team win every game and win as many championships as possible. I’m happy to join PSG. PSG is one of the world’s big clubs, and it has the best players in the world. I can’t wait to start this new adventure. I’m looking forward to meeting my fans and it will bring joy on the field.”

Lee Kang-in has played 15 official matches so far, scoring two goals and two assists. His debut goal in Ligue 1 came against Montpellier in the 11th round. In the 10th minute of the first half, Archilaf Hakimi scored a grounder cross after breaking through on the right side. Kylian Mbappe spilled as he was heading toward the ball, and Lee Kang-in took over and fired a left-footed shot from the center area of the penalty box. The shot was accurately wrapped around the top left of the goal. Lee Kang-in gave Mbappe a pole when he performed his ceremony.

Lee Kang-in’s first Champions League goal was born in the third Group F match of the Champions League group stage against AC Milan. Lee Kang-in, who was replaced in the second half, sealed the net in the 44th minute of the second half. Warren Zaire-Emery sprinted from the right side and gave it to the side in the penalty box. This was spilled by Gonzalo Hamus as he faked in the shooting motion, and Lee Kang-in handled it with a left-footed shot. The ball went straight to the bottom of the corner of the goal. Lee Kang-in aims at the attack point in the French Super Cup and wants to reach the top with his team.

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