Korea’s top scorer → equal to Son Heung-min → Tottenham calls…SON Best Friend surprise candidate!

The Sun of England said on the 26th (Korea Standard Time), “Tottenham is keeping an eye on Solanke as a striker to be recruited next summer. Solanke, who scored a hat trick against Nottingham Forest last weekend, is hitting the Premier League this season,” and reported that Tottenham has started to recruit Solanke. According to the media, Tottenham is closely monitoring the situation surrounding Solanke. Having failed to recruit a replacement for Harry Kane, who left his team last summer, Tottenham aimed to recruit a front-line striker as their top priority in the transfer market next summer, and Solanke has emerged as a target for recruitment. 안전 토토사이트

“Solanke is a player that Tottenham is closely monitoring. He already dispatched scouts several times during the season to monitor him,” the Sun said. “We will continue to monitor Solanke next year. Bournemouth also knows that if he shows the same performance as he has now, it will be difficult to keep him. We are preparing for another team’s proposal.” “Tottenham was also interested in Brighton striker Evan Ferguson, but now he is cold. For now, we regard Solanke as a better player,” he said. “Solanke has scored 11 goals in the Premier League. Such performance has shown that he has the potential to play at a higher level.” He added that he has decided to recruit Solanke, a rising star.

A native of England, Solanke grew up in Chelsea’s youth team and was recognized as a talented striker from an early age. He played for all different national teams of England and scored a total of 37 goals, and in particular, he won the Golden Ball, England’s MVP and tournament MVP, with four goals at the FIFA U-20 World Cup held in Korea in 2017. However, his club career did not shine. He rarely had a chance at Chelsea and left for Vitesse, the Netherlands. After playing for a season, he returned to Chelsea, but there was still no place for Solanke. He eventually moved to Liverpool in 2017.

Liverpool also saw no opportunity. He received limited opportunities as a backup. After playing in just 27 matches in two years, Solanke moved to the bottom of Bournemouth and seemed to be just an ordinary prospect. Solanke fully displayed his talents at Bournemouth. Although he was sluggish with three goals and one assist in the first season of his transfer, he played as a main striker in the second division championship with 15 goals and 11 assists. In the 2021/22 season, he made a career-high 29 goals and seven assists in 46 matches, spearheading Bournemouth’s promotion to the Premier League.

Solanke, who challenged the Premier League again last season, was in full swing this season after displaying stellar performance with six goals and seven assists in 33 matches. He has scored 11 goals in 17 matches, tying for third in scoring along with Son Heung-min and Jared Boone. Tottenham finally picked Solanke, who exploded his talents, as a substitute for Kane. As it has already been verified at the U-20 World Cup and Championship, it seems that Solanke does not doubt his capability.

Brazilian striker Hissarlissong is recovering little by little in recent years, but it will be of great help to Tottenham, which currently has no clear striker besides Son Heung-min. “Bournemouth striker Solanke has become a target of Coach Ange Postecoglou. He is one of the best strikers representing the Premier League right now. Several teams are watching Solanke, and Tottenham is closely monitoring him,” said Bisser, referring to the possibility of recruiting Solanke.

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