“Virtually, the world’s best!” Revealing the world’s most expensive best 11!

Soccer statistics media “Transfermarkt” released the world’s most expensive team on its official SNS on the 25th (Korea Standard Time). The team released by the media was lined with so-called “World Class” players. 온라인카지노

Erling Holland (Manchester City) and Kylian Mbappe (Paris Saint-Germain), the two leading contenders for the next Ballon d’Or, will be the strikers. Holland and Mbappe, who were the top scorer in the Premier League and League last season, respectively, are leading the league in scoring this season as well. Holland and Mbappe’s ransom is 180 million euros.

Bukayo Saka (Arnall), Jude Bellingham (hereinafter Real Madrid), and Vinicius Junior were named in the second term. Saka is currently playing a pivotal role in Arsenal’s bid for the championship with five goals and six assists in 17 league games, while Bellingham and Vinicius are also key players in the team. Saka, Bellingham, and Vinicius’ ransom amounts to 120 million euros (W172.2 billion), 180 million euros, and 150 million euros (W215.2 billion), respectively.

Rodri (Manchester City) and Declan Rice (Arnall), the best defensive midfielders at the moment, were chosen for the third term. Rodri is a big part of the team, which has been evaluated as the “de facto main body of Manchester City,” and Rice, who joined Arsenal through the transfer market this summer, is performing so well that it is unbelievably his first season. Rodri and Rice are valued at 110 million euros (157.8 billion won).

The three backs were also made up of Manchester City and Arsenal players. They were William Saliba (Arnall), Juvene Diaz (Man City), and Yosuko Gvardiol. Saliba and Diaz are considered the best center backs in the PL, and newbie Gvardiol is also the next world class defender who is looking forward to his future. Saliba’s ransom is set at 75 million euros (107.6 billion won), and Diaz and Gvardiol are set at 80 million euros (114.8 billion won).

Lastly, Mike Menyang (AC Milan) was chosen as the goalkeeper. Having joined AC Milan in 2021 after playing for LOSC Reel, Menyang has improved with more stable performances over time, and is now considered the best goalkeeper in Serie A. Menyang is valued at 45 million euros (about 64.5 billion won).

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