“It’s such a waste. I can’t believe I’ve only used two games…” “5G batting average of 0.381” The coach’s inner thoughts on seeing genius hitters

KT Wiz’s Kang Baek-ho is the main character. Since returning to the first division in September, Kang Baek-ho has been hitting hard with a monthly batting average of .346.

Kang Baek-ho has been starting as a designated hitter since the game against the Samsung Lions on the 14th. Kang Baek-ho also had a place as Park Byung-ho, who recovered from a calf injury, took charge of first base. 토토

And it’s showing its value. He is hot with .381 (8 hits in 21 at-bats) in the last five games he started. In particular, he led his team’s victory against Samsung on the 19th by scoring three hits and two RBIs in four at-bats, including a home run.

KT manager Lee Kang-chul, who met at Suwon KT Wiz Park on the 21st, said, “(Park) Byung-ho’s defense as the first baseman is not bad. Thanks to this, (Kang) Baek-ho starts, and the batting is so good,” he said with a big smile.

Soon, the corners of his mouth continued. “I have such a good feeling, but I can only use two games. “It’s a shame,” he said, with a sincere heart. KT is fiercely competing with NC for second place. Doosan, which has recently been on the rise with eight wins and two losses, is also challenging.

However, Kang Baek-ho will be called up for the Hangzhou Asian Games national team from the 23rd. Of course, KT is not the only power loss, but the fact that Park Young-hyun, the core of the bullpen, and Kang Baek-ho, who has now begun to catch fire, are missing is upsetting for the head coach.

Coach Lee said, “It’s definitely changed. It’s really nice to see you play it these days. When I talked about it earlier, he said, “A lot of things that I forgot are coming back,” and he repeatedly praised, “As expected, he is a very good hitter.”

KBO League officials join hands to pray for the Asian Games victory. The same goes for director Lee.

He also said, “We have to hold on well until Park Young-hyun and Kang Baek-ho returns. I want to start the postseason as high as possible,” he said.

Son Dong-hyun and Lee Sang-dong are expected to fill the gap of Park Young-hyun, who is leading in this category with 32 holds. Coach Lee said, ” (Park) Young-hyun has gone over 70 innings. I did throw a lot. “He’s such a good pitcher,” he said with an embarrassing smile.

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