I made up my mind. Refusing to take the mound, Plutko sends him to the U.S. After the interview, the separation will be officially made

LG has decided to return Flutko, who has recently become difficult to take the mound in the Korean Series, and will soon make a final decision through an interview with Flutko. Flutko, who is known to be not even playing catch at the moment, is not easy to take the mound in the Korean Series even if he throws the ball from now on. He is preparing for the Korean Series without Flutko, who is hesitant to throw the ball due to a bruised left pelvic bone, but he decided that a clear separation from Flutko would allow all the front, coaching staff and players to prepare without regret.

Flutko was the ace of the first half. He led LG in the first half with 11 wins and 1 loss with a 2.21 ERA. Since Casey Kelly showed jagged pitching, and domestic pitchers also had no stable pitchers other than Lim Chan-kyu, Flutko’s steady pitching helped LG to become the No. 1 player. 스포츠토토

But in the second half, there was no Flutko in sight. Gone after just four pitches. In fact, he did not win in four appearances, and his ERA was not very good with two losses and 3.38. He was excluded from the first division entry on August 29 due to a pelvic bruise, and has been rehabilitating.

Plutko was ready to return by pitching a bullpen once on the diagnosis that he had improved at a domestic hospital, but Plutko soon stopped pitching. He put more importance on his findings at the U.S. hospital, and since he is a foreign player whose body is his property, Flutko was also concerned about the recurrence of injury.

Coach Yeom hoped that Flutko would take the mound once in the regular season to prevent an mishap of becoming a losing pitcher with eight hits and six runs (four earned) in ⅔ innings in the second round of the playoffs, but as Flutko refused to take the mound, LG and Flutko finally crossed the river where they could not return.

He hoped that Flutko would show his willingness to throw afterwards, but there was no news yet that Flutko had shown his intention to throw. After the final game of the regular league on the 15th, LG will rest and begin training camp in Icheon on the 19th to prepare for the Korean Series. Since Flutko has been in Icheon, he has no choice but to meet Flutko if the first-tier team conducts training camp. They decided that it would be better to part ways with Flutko because they could have uncomfortable encounters with each other.

LG has already decided on a starting rotation without Flutko with Kelly as the first starter, Choi Won-tae as the second starter, Lim Chan-kyu as the third starter, and Lee Jung-yong and Kim Yoon-sik as the fourth starter. As the bullpen is abundant, he is confident that he will be able to fill Plutko’s gap.

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