Underdog Fantasy Launches Guarddog

Underdog Fantasy, a fast-growing sports gaming platform, today announced the launch of Guarddog, a pioneering investment initiative dedicated to fostering innovation in responsible gaming. Underdog launches Guarddog with $1 million in initial funding that will be used to support and accelerate early-stage startups focused on building new and creative solutions to solve problem games and additional responsibility games.

Garddog’s mission is to identify, invest and grow innovative start-ups that help real-money operators operate responsibly and help players play responsibly. Following Underdog’s overwhelming commitment to industry-leading innovation in responsible gaming, Guarddog will invest in companies building technologies and solutions to make fantasy, betting and all real-money games safer and more enjoyable for those playing them. 온라인경마

In addition to monetary investments, GuardDog-funded companies have access to former regulators, responsible gaming professionals, experienced funders, and community advisors, mentors, and investors who can help accelerate their businesses. Mentors include Brianne Doura-Shawohl, a renowned responsible gaming advocate; Adam Warrington, former vice president of FanDuel’s Responsible Gaming; Chris Grove, partner at Acies Investments; Dan Hartman, former director of Colorado Division of Gaming; and Sara Tait, former executive director of the Indiana Gaming Commission.

“At Underdog, we always adopt best in class and seek more innovation. With GuardDog, we plan to promote innovation at Underdog to help companies help people be responsible for the games they love, including all of our games,” said Jeremy Levine, founder and co-CEO of Underdog. “We know there are so many dreamers, entrepreneurs, and builders who can help build a stronger and more responsible ecosystem for everyone. We want to help those who innovate responsibly by providing capital, mentoring, and valuable connections. We’re really excited to launch GuardDog, and we want to help some amazing companies.”

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