Gov. Rick Snyder rejects Michigan online gaming bill

Governor Snyder responded in the letter, “I don’t think it’s appropriate for the state to sign legislation that effectively results in more gambling, with a reasonable possibility of losing income that can help deal with the social service challenges that typically accompany increased gambling behavior.”

Snyder demonstrated an understanding of the time and effort put into the legislation, saying, “Significant work has gone into these bills and reached a point where several stakeholders have expressed support or neutrality, and I am grateful that many pro-gaming stakeholders have coalesced around these bills.”

He continued, “However, due to largely unknown budget issues, I believe that this bill needs more careful research and comparison with how other states have approved or will approve online games. To put it bluntly, we just don’t have the data to support this change at the time.”

If Snyder had signed the bill, Michigan would have been on the U.S. state list to approve online gambling. Another factor Snyder mentioned was protecting the Michigan lottery, which affected the veto. 온라인경마

The bills that would have regulated internet gambling in Michigan, and that probably paved the way for sports gambling in the state, were by Representatives Brandt Eiden and Clint Kesto. Another sports gambling bill sponsored by Eiden, called the “Fantasy Contest Consumer Protection Act,” would have regulated fantasy sports in Michigan, but Snyder returned it for approval.

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