“Golf Emperor” Woods also told his son Charlie, “Stop looking at your phone.”

Woods will play with his son Charlie at the PNC Championship (total prize money of 1,085,000 dollars), which will open in Orlando, Florida on the 16th (local time).

The PNC Championship is an event competition of the PGA Champions Tour, where players who have won major tournaments and other events compete with their families in groups.

Woods introduced his son Charlie’s recent status through the organizing committee on the 15th, a day before the opening of the tournament.

Woods first explained, “I was almost 10cm tall this year,” adding, “As I grew up fast, I changed my swing and club.”

Charlie was so big compared to a year ago in the practice round that there was not much difference compared to his father, who is 185cm tall.

Woods, who had his first daughter, Sam, in 2007, became a father of two when his son, Charlie, was born in 2009.

Woods, who also caddies for his son’s junior tournament, praised his swing speed and his understanding of how to shoot, adding, “There will be pain and pain growing up like any teenager.” 메이저 토토사이트

“I don’t like looking at my phone all the time,” he said. “I tell him to put his phone down and look around.”

Woods added, “Maybe a lot of parents don’t like that their child is always looking down (at the phone screen).”

However, Woods said, “As a parent, I provide the basics, but I try to make sure my son has as much space as possible,” adding, “I’ll hear so many things around me, and it’s my role to protect my child from those things.”

When asked to compare Charlie when he was young, Woods said, “When I was that age, I lacked speed, and there was such a big difference that it was difficult to compare supplies such as golf balls,” adding, “But I can share with my son a lot of the feelings and hand sensations I learned during my career.”

The competition will be held in four different locations because the participants’ age groups are so diverse.

Professional players like Woods play in gold tees with longer battlefields, and son Charlie plays in white tees with shorter ones.

In response, Woods predicted, “My son plays farther than me, and there will be an advantage to play on a shorter course.”

Woods, who did not use a cart during the practice round, said, “Walking also helps my back condition,” adding, “It’s my second tournament in three weeks, and my senses are getting better.”

Woods, who made his return earlier this month for the first time in about eight months since the Masters in April this year through the Hero World Challenge, vowed to do well in the tournament, saying, “Even though it was very windy today, the shot was good overall.”

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