Lindblom, Brigham, Sadowski, “Lee Jung-hoo will do really well.”

The Athletic, a U.S. sports media outlet, reported the analysis of Josh Lindblom (former Doosan Bears), Jake Brigham (former Kiwoom Heroes) and Ryan Sadowski (former Lotte Giants) in an article titled “Analysis of the $132 million bet San Francisco gave to Lee Jung-hoo.”

“Lee Jung-hoo has been the best hitting player in the KBO league since he was 18 years old,” Lindblom said. “He showed a balanced appearance even at a young age.”

“I tried hard to break Lee’s balance somehow, but it was really difficult. Even if I deceived him, he pulled his arm back and hit a hit. It was very hard to strike out.”

“Lee Jung-hoo made a hit in any count, and he wasn’t afraid to swing in two strikes,” he said.

Lindblom also said that Lee Jung-hoo looked like Ichiro Suzuki of Japan. Brigham, who had a bowl of rice with Lee Jung-hoo in Kiwoom, also gave a glowing review.

“San Francisco will fall in love with Lee Jung-hoo’s charm,” Brigham recalled. “When I joined Kiwoom, Lee Jung-hoo also debuted, and he quickly grew into a dynamic player on and off the field.” 에볼루션 바카라사이트

“Age is an important factor in Korean society, but Lee Jung-hoo changed the team by influencing the players a lot even at an early age. He also showed respect for his teammates,” he said.

He praised him as a good player not only in terms of skills but also in terms of personality. When asked if it would take time to adapt to MLB, he praised him, saying, “I probably will, but I will do really well,” adding, “I will eventually become an All-Star.”

Sadowski, who played for Lotte, said, “Lee Jung-hoo is not the best player, but he is a good player,” adding, “He is the type who improves over time.”

However, Sadowski said, “Lee Jung-hoo competed with players who did not succeed in MLB, such as Jose Pirella (former Samsung Lions), for the best hitter in the KBO League,” adding, “Lee Jung-hoo must prove his skills.”

“In terms of Lee’s skills alone, he will be able to adapt to MLB fastball faster than other Korean players,” he said. The media also delivered evaluations of MLB scouts besides former foreign pitchers.

A scout said, “Lee Jung-hoo is far from franchise stars such as Shohei Ohtani (Los Angeles Dodgers) and Aaron Judge (New York Yankees), but he is close to a player who can play consistently like Brandon Nimmo, the leadoff outfielder of the New York Mets.”

The Athletic believed that Lee Jung-hoo needed enough time and room to adapt to succeed.

The media said, “Kim Ha-sung was able to grow significantly with a guaranteed time to play in the San Diego Padres,” adding, “Lee Jung-hoo also needs stability and time to play every day even if he suffers a slump.”

In addition, he said, “The leader who guaranteed Kim Ha-sung’s playing time is the current manager Bob Melvin, who has been appointed as the leader of San Francisco,” adding, “This environment is advantageous for Lee Jung-hoo.”

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