Global partnership between games and octopuses delivers unique content

The startup recently started working. Octopus Global will rise to the top with its own recently developed remote gaming server.

The server has a powerful, modern architecture that allows users to enjoy simple solutions that can simultaneously be very flexible, creative, and offer unique and easy gaming solutions.

Octopus’s portfolio includes a variety of popular games, such as Happy Ever After, Rave Up, and Wildfire West. In addition to these games, other games hosted by the company are created and produced by Rogue.

Rogue is a game studio that offers a variety of popular games. Rogue’s team is like the team that leads Octopus’s remote game server. 카지노사이트존

Games produced by this studio are often innovative, featuring completely new mechanisms that can improve the overall gaming experience and potentially increase the likelihood of winning huge prizes. Some of the features included are Wildfire, Destiny, and Rainblock Reels.

Shelley Hanna, casino director at Relax Gaming, said, “We are thrilled to welcome Octopus Global as the latest partner at Relax Studios. It is clear to us that they have a big future ahead of them. We were particularly impressed with the speed of integration, Octopus technology and, of course, their fantastic log-game portfolio.”

John Parsonage, Chief Commercial Officer at Octopus Global, said, “I’ve known and worked with Relax Gaming for many years. So I’m very familiar with their great team and technology, and I’ve made them my main target partner for Octopus Global’s launch.

The extensive reach and deployment opportunities offered by Relax complement the advanced technology and innovative slot content offered by Octopus Global. This partnership allows us to provide unique log-game content to operators in key regulatory markets around the world.”

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