Former national team catcher’s remarks of conviction, “Anti-robot referee introduction…”It’s always better to type”. Why?

KBO announced that it will introduce a robot referee (automatic ball judgment system) and a pitch clock system from next year to present a more fair and thrilling game to fans. Robot referees have been upgrading the system in the Futures League for the past four years since 2020, and have achieved results such as the sophistication and consistency of ball-strike decisions and the reduction of the time when the results of the judgment are delivered to the referee.

“If ABS is introduced into the KBO league, all pitchers and batters can be subject to the same strike zone decision, enabling fair play,” a KBO official said. “KBO will elaborate on selecting hardware that can be most efficiently integrated with the accumulated ABS system and introduce it from next year’s exhibition games.”

Former national team catcher Kang Min-ho appeared on the YouTube channel “Kim Tae-kyun [TK52]” run by KBSN sports commentator Kim Tae-kyun and said, “As a catcher who has played in professional baseball for 20 years, I am in a position that robot referees should not come in.”

“The authority of referees is important, but I think misjudgment is also a beauty in professional baseball. When robot referees are introduced, I honestly believe that anyone can bring them to see them,” he said. “There are experiences that referees have gained so far, and if they make a bad umpire in an important situation during a game, they can do a video review, and some referees use different strike zones.” 무료 슬롯

Kang said that the framing, one of the catcher’s main evaluation criteria, has become meaningless. “You don’t have to throw it exactly. Pitchers who know how to throw strong balls anywhere in the strike zone are now eaten, and pitchers who are good at throwing them to the outside are now at a disadvantage as they used to be. I don’t think I’ll take that as a strike anymore,” he said.

He predicted that the introduction of robot referees will be advantageous to batters. “I think batters will have an advantage no matter what. Pitchers can play outside courses they have thrown since they were young, so their batters have to be narrower to allow them to enter the (strike zone). As their zones are narrowed, batters have no choice but to have an advantage,” he said. “I’ve been taught that breaking balls should be thrown low, but I think I need to break the stereotype. I’m going to ask pitchers to throw high breaking balls as well,” he said.

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