Concerns over Jeong Chul-won “The difficulty of attending is too high…”I need to think about the bench”

Doosan Finishing Jung Chul-won
Jung Cheol-won ranks second in most appearances (39 games) in the team in the first half of this season. It is one difference from Park Chi-guk (40 games), who is ranked first. In the second half of last year, when he won the Rookie of the Year award, 29 games were the second-highest after Kim Myung-shin (30 games), the most appearances in the team during the period. 토토사이트

As such, Jeong Cheol-won has been on an arduous path for the past two years. This built-in finishing shift could have been an opportunity to relieve the accumulated burden. If it was a finish that was mainly dedicated to nine innings rather than multi-inning play, it might have been enough. However, the situation surrounding the team did not allow room for that. Rather, as the end of the regular season approached, multi-inning play became more frequent. The difficulty of taking the mound has increased compared to the setup man, and the amount of harsher labor has been digested.

The overload of Doosan’s bullpen is not unique to Jung Chul-won. There is also Kim Myung-shin, who has already had many appearances since last year. Kim Myung-shin was in charge of all kinds of bad things on the mound again this year, regardless of the winning group, the chasing group, and the losing group. Doosan manager Lee Seung-yeop, who met with reporters in August, once said, “Even if you go too far, you have to make sure that you catch a game.” The problem is that the ‘excessive’ game comes out too often in Doosan.

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