The Blue Ring Studio’s Global Game Debut Makes a splash

As Games Global continues to make waves and take bold steps in the iGaming industry, the industry is introducing Blue Ring Studios as its latest addition to the legendary game development lineup.

The Sydney-based studio made its debut with Games Global with the exclusive release of 6 Pure Pearl (Sept. 6), a mesmerizing, familiar themed medium-variable online slot with a clear look and feel that reflects the origins of the blue ring.

Rooted in the land-based casino and retail gaming market, Blue Ring Studios provides gaming global with rich gaming ideas and detailed execution skills gained from decades of exposure to the international gaming market. 파친코

This established and expanded a commitment to player experience, simplicity in dynamics and depth in gameplay, and pride in the fundamental principles of ‘mathematics first’ game design.

With the creation of six Pure Pearls, the studio team took advantage of this pearl of wisdom by offering an attractive underwater themed adventure based on popular Link&Win™ collection mechanics. In keeping with the elaborate undersea odyssey theme, the mermaid shines brilliantly during the game’s free-spin function, taking all three center reels, giving off a big chance of victory.

Blue Ring Studios, which has made a strong start with the launch of six Pure Pearl products exclusively for Games global customers, will pour out more exciting casino content and new player experiences.

Games Global is committed to working closely with a network of 36 studios to provide customers with a more attractive and top-performing gaming experience, in an additional move to shake up the industry.

“We are very proud and excited to begin our journey with Games Global, their customers, and, of course, slot players from all over the world,” said Peter Wilkins, Blue Ring’s product director. “We promise to bring even more diversity to the already huge Game Global gaming range, leveraging our long-standing connection with land-based slot development to develop our knowledge into engaging content for all kinds of players.”

Our exclusive studios are building the future of online gaming, delivering better and richer content faster than ever before.

“We are pleased to be the latest to join Blue Ring Studios in our rankings, further strengthening our network,” said Andrew Booth, chief product officer of Games Global. “Backed by decades of experience, this highly talented team promises to provide a rewarding entertainment experience for operators and their players.”

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