Are you looking for a new face with the Klinsmann’s “Hwang Eui-jo Risks”

It is pointed out that the Clinsman, which finished sailing in 2023, needs to get out of the “judicial risk” as it starts preparing for the Asian Cup next year.

There are voices calling for the need to think about Hwang Ui-jo (31, Norwich City, photo), who is wrapped up by national soccer team coach Jurgen Klinsmann as “our player,” from the ground up. It is pointed out that it is urgent to come up with an alternative because the Asian Cup road map itself could be shaken if he is actually indicted, who has changed his status as an illegal filming suspect.

According to the Korea Football Association, Klinsmann plans to leave for his home in the U.S. on the 23rd, spend Thanksgiving, and return to Korea around December 12.

Coach Klinsmann will begin preparing for the Asian Cup in Qatar in January next year as soon as he returns home. All the opponents to meet in the Asian Cup finals (Brain on January 15, Jordan on January 20, and Malaysia on the 25th) have been confirmed, so you just need to make a list of the national team.

Coach Klinsmann, who took office in March, has finished covering up the good and bad to some extent. Looking at the recent two call-up lists, the change has been reduced to a minimum, and even the starting lineup is getting solidified. 토토사이트

Coach Klinsmann said at a press conference on his return from China’s second Asian qualifying round for the 2026 North Korea-China World Cup, “I told Hwang Ui-jo to maintain his condition well because he needs to score a lot of points even when he goes to the Asian Cup.” It is interpreted that it will allocate one spot from the final list (23 people).

However, if Hwang Ui-jo fails to prove his innocence, it could be a big problem. The Asian Football Confederation (AFC) demanded that each country that advanced to the finals by early January next year submit a list, but after this period, it is difficult to change players unless they are injured.

On the 23rd, the woman who dated Hwang Ui-jo in the past released a transcript containing evidence that Hwang Ui-jo illegally filmed the video.

If Hwang Ui-jo is accused of this matter, which is currently under investigation and cannot play in the Asian Cup, he will have to play in the tournament with 22 players instead of 23. You can also blow away one precious entry.

In the soccer field, coach Klinsmann agrees that a wise solution is needed to explore alternatives while covering Hwang Ui-jo. Anyway, with Cho Kyu-sung (25, Mit Whelan) taking the lead, it is necessary to find an alternative to Hwang Ui-jo, the second option, in a broader perspective. Not only Oh Hyun-kyu (22, Celtic), but also strikers outside the existing pool of players can be candidates.

Coach Klinsmann’s preparation for the Asian Cup should also include a search for a defensive midfielder who has yet to find a starting point. Park Yong-woo (30, Al-Ain) and Lee Soon-min (29, Gwangju) were recruited, but it is hard to say that they received a passing score.

Director Klinsmann’s repeated comments to consider that Son Joon-ho (31), who was detained by Chinese public security authorities for offering bribes to non-public officials, should not be forgotten, is an admission that he has not found an alternative to the position properly.

It goes without saying the value of each entry ahead of the major tournament, which has repeatedly said that “winning” is the goal.

Eliminating variables and finding a new face has become an important task for the head of the national team, not an option.

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