“1 win.” Ji Hansol, “2 win.”

On the 2nd, the first round of the 11th KG·E-Daily Ladies Open was held at Sunning Point CC in Yongin, Gyeonggi Province. Ji Han-sol, Cho Ah-yeon, and Lim Hee-jung finished preparing for a tee shot in Group 31 starting from Tea No. 1 at 12:25 p.m., and after a cheerful tee shot, the three gathered and posed for reporters. Ji Han-sol told her 4-year-old brother Cho Ah-yeon, who was next to her, “Pretty cheek hearts are in fashion. What should I do to be prettier?” Cho Ah-yeon grabbed Ji Hansol’s left hand and put her heart-shaped hand close to her face.

Ji Han-sol smiled broadly as she put her hand back up at Cho Ah-yeon’s sharp gaze when she lowered her hand awkwardly after making a cheek heart shape with both hands. Jo Ah-yeon smiled broadly when she saw her sister like this. Ji Han-sol, Cho Ah-yeon, and Lim Hee-jung posed side by side with a ball heart pose and a mini heart, and then moved for a second shot. Ji Han-sol tied for sixth with a final total of 10-under 206, Lim Hee-jung tied for 27th with a final total of 4-under 212, and Cho Ah-yeon tied for 47th with a final total of 1-under 215.

Ji Hansol, Lim Hee-jung, and Cho Ah-yeon, who took a honey-flavored break during the Chuseok holiday, will participate in the KB Financial Star Championship at Blackstone Icheon CC from the 15th. Meanwhile, Hwang Jung-mi won her first career title at the 11th KG·E-Daily Ladies Open, her 65th appearance. He birdied Kim Soo-ji in the first game of extra time and won the championship trophy by beating Kim Soo-ji, who ended up with a par.

Lee Ye-won came in third with 12-under 204, Han Jin-sun and Ko Ji-woo tied for fourth with 11-under 205, Kim So-yi and Ji Han-sol tied for sixth with 10-under 206, Bae So-hyun and Kim Se-eun tied for eighth with 9-under 207, and Hong Jung-min, Park Hyun-kyung and Park Ji-young tied for 10th with 8-under 208. 토토사이트

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