Kim Soo-ji aiming for her first two consecutive losses

Kim Soo-ji took the lead with a shot eagle on the 14th tee in the third round of the 11th KG·E-Daily Ladies Open held at Sunning Point CC in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do on the 4th. Hwang Jung-mi, who was pushed to second place with Kim Soo-ji’s shot eagle, caught up with a birdie on the 16th tee by one stroke, and made a 2m birdie putt on the 18th tee to extend the game.

Kim Soo-ji, who was checking the score before entering the extra time, kept looking at the 18th green and relieved her disappointment. If he had hit the 8th third shot more accurately, he looked at the green one after another because of his regret over the opportunity to easily birdie and achieve the dignity of winning two consecutive tournaments. 파칭코

In the overtime match, Hwang Jung-mi caught a 6m birdie, and Kim Soo-ji only made par. Hwang Jung-mi beat “defending champion” Kim Soo-ji and enjoyed the joy of winning. During the awards ceremony, Kim Soo-ji’s expression was so disappointing. Kim Soo-ji’s fan, who saw that situation, said, “Good job He cheered for Kim Soo-ji, who was discouraged with the phrases “Kim Soo-ji” and “Kim Soo-ji who gets tired of the ball well.” Hwang Jung-mi, who won her first championship in 65 games, received 126 million won in prize money and rose to 11th place.

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