Yukigassen is a one of a kind sport, that involves fighting with snowballs. The Japanese term literally translates to snow-battle. The sport was developed in Japan, and is currently played in Australia, Canada, and in many European countries. Yukigassen is a team sport played between two teams with seven players on each team. The game is played outdoors on a specially designed court that has an ice surface. The court consists of several small wall like barriers behind which players secure themselves from being hit. Players wear helmets and full winter-gear to play the sport. Two flags, one for each team is placed on the opposing ends, is used as a part of game play. For a match, each team gets to use 90 snowballs. Before the start of play, players from both teams pick up two snowballs and wait in a ready position. When the game starts, players start throwing snowballs at the opposing team’s players. Within a team, players take an offensive and defensive position, in which the players on offense strike the opponents, while defensive players reinforce them with more snowballs. Players are considered out if they are hit by a snowball. A match is played in a three set format, where each set lasts for three minutes. The objective for each team is to get all the players of the opposing team out, or capture the opposing team’s flag. The team that wins two sets first is the winner of the match. 바카라


  1. Each team consists of 7 on-court players, plus subs.
  2. At least two players must be of the opposite gender.
  3. The 7 on-court player positions are 4 Forwards and 3 Backcourts
  4. Forwards can play anywhere in front of their own back line. Forwards may not cross their own back line with either foot.
  5. Backs can use the whole court.
    6.Substitutions can only be made between periods, even if there is an injury during the period.

How to Play?

The game is a team sport which is played between two teams. Each team has seven players on set. The game is played on an outdoor court that has a specially-designed ice surface. The court includes small wall-like barricades, and these barriers are used by the players to secure themselves from being hit by the snow. Most of the barricades are made from snow by the players. Each player is given helmets and gear such as gloves so that they can protect themselves from injury. Each team has a flag that is placed on the side of the opposing team. The players must capture the opposing team’s flag. The team which captures the opponent’s flag first, or the team which has eliminated more players of the opposing team with the snowballs, wins the set. Each set lasts about three to five minutes. The first team to win two sets is considered the winner of the match. For each match, both teams must use ninety snowballs. The snowballs are made 15 minutes prior to the start of the game. Before the game begins, players from each team pick two snowballs and wait. When the game begins, players start throwing snowballs towards the opponent. Players who are on the offensive position strike the opponent’s team with snowballs, while the players that are on the defensive side support the offensive team by bringing more snowballs. If a snowball hits a player, that player is considered out of the game. If the player picks a snowball from outside the court, or if the player themselves moves out of the court, it is considered a foul, and they are also eliminated from the game.

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