“You picked a foreign player that’s not even on the list.”‘ K-League top scorer Joo Min-kyu turned a blind eye to Cleansman

The Korea Football Association announced the final roster of 26 players for the AFC Asian Cup on Friday. Compared to the World Cup in Qatar, the number of entries has increased by three. Attention was focusing on how Klinsmann would cope with various variables, including Hwang Ui-jo, who was excluded for illegal filming.

As a result, Klinsmann allocated three more spots to promising players. Kim Ji-soo (19), Brentford FC, dubbed the next-generation Korean soccer defender, and Celtic winger Yang Hyun-joon (21, Celtic) became the surprise candidates. Kim Joo-sung (23, FC Seoul) was also listed. 온라인경마

It is essential for the national team coach to develop the next generation of prospects. However, it is questionable to what extent Kim Ji-soo can contribute even if he is selected for the national team immediately. Kim Ji-soo has no experience in actual games since moving from Seongnam to Brentford in July. He was only included in the replacement list twice, but had no experience in playing.

Kim Ji-soo’s history of moving directly from Seongnam in the K League 2 to the Premier League is remarkable. What matters more to the national team, however, is its experience in participating in the event and current performance. There is little chance that Kim will outplay prominent players such as Kim Min-jae, Kim Young-kwon, and Jeong Seung-hyeon.

After all, Kim should be content to experience a big competition together as a member of the Korean national team, just like Oh Hyun-kyu did last year. Can only the Clins, who is aiming for the first championship in 64 years, afford to spend just one entry spot like this.

“26 is enough to fill any vacancy. Cho Kyu-sung is the starting forward. Son Heung-min can play as a fake 9 and also plays on the wing. Sonny is also the best in the world as a center forward. There is world’s best center back Kim Min-jae and Hwang Hee-chan. Lee Jae-sung is an experienced leader,” he said.

However, unexpected situations always arise whenever a major competition is held. Cho Kyu-sung, who was already nailed by Cleansman as the starting player, may be injured or receive a card. Oh could be sluggish.

Just like Klinsmann said, Son Heung-min or Hwang Hee-chan can play at the front line instead. However, this increases the burden on key players. A third striker was absolutely necessary as an insurance policy to prepare for any possible contingency. However, Klinsmann spent all of his entry on bringing in promising players from overseas leagues.

There is another problem with Joo’s elimination. There may be a perception that no matter how well-formed a player in the K-League, he cannot join the national team. It is not good for both the K-League and the national team to have no competition. Lee Soon-min (Gwangju) was selected from the team that made a splash in the K-League among the final players.

On the contrary, Lee’s steady recruitment, which is not a good form even in the K-League, gives confidence to Klinsmann’s “first-sightedness.” Klinsmann replied, “I have seen Lee’s sluggish performance in his team for several months, but I have constant faith in him.” He is a poet who said he picked Lee even though he knew he lacked form.

“I wanted to select a player that fans like, but I couldn’t. That’s what a coach’s role is,” Klinsmann said, making remarks targeting Ju Min-gyu. “There are cases where we don’t have the authority, such as Hwang Ui-jo and Sun Joon-ho,” he explained.

Whenever there have been controversies such as “staying abroad” and “ESPN,” Klinsmann said, “Please judge based on the results of the Asian Cup. Whether you replace him later or not, do as you please.” Klinsmann will have to take full responsibility for all problems that arise from the failure to select a replacement for Hwang Ui-jo.

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