“We don’t have trophies than Man City. Don’t we have money?” …The owner of 574 trillion assets wants Mourinho! World domination goal, just like Man City!

Newcastle upon Saudi Arabia is the owner of the oil money. To be precise, it is Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF). Their assets amounted to 343 billion pounds (574.5 trillion won). They have no competitors.

Newcastle, supported by PIF, started to gain strength little by little, but it is still lacking. Compared to Manchester City, which is backed by oil money from the United Arab Emirates, Manchester City is even more shabby. As the strongest team in the EPL, Manchester City even achieved a treble by winning the UEFA Champions League last season.

Saudi Arabia has the will to wait no longer. Newcastle is ranked 9th in the EPL this season. In UCL, it was eliminated in last place in Group F. Saudi Arabia’s trust in coach Eddie Howe has fallen. 파친코

As a result, PIF wants a new coach who can dominate the world like Manchester City. It is Jose Mourinho the winner and Special One AS Roma.

Mourinho has led Porto, Chelsea, Inter Milan, Real Madrid, Manchester United and so on, winning a total of 26 titles including the UCL championship. Few coaches are better suited to dominate the world.

England’s ‘Football Insider’ exclusively reported on this story. The media outlet said, “Newcastle wants to rule the world. PIF, the owner of Newcastle, has great ambition and wants to recruit a famous coach for world domination. The candidate is Mourinho. The connection between Newcastle and Mourinho is concrete, and Mourinho is also positive.”

“Murinho is likely to leave AS Roma after the end of this season. PIF is working behind the scenes with Mourinho. PIF is keen on recruiting big-name coaches. Meanwhile, Howe is under tremendous pressure. Howe is not up to PIF standards,” he said.

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