The worst owner-like crazy decision in history…’9.21 trillion’ super-all-time Qatar proposal rejected

Multiple media outlets, including Britain’s “The Athletic,” reported early on the 15th, “Manchester United will hold a board vote on selling a minority stake in the club to British billionaire Jam Ratcliffe after claiming that Sheikh Jassim’s Qatar Group has withdrawn from the competition.”

“The long battle to acquire Manchester United from the Glazer family, which put the club up for sale in November last year, has been two major competitions between self-centeredness and Ratcliffe. However, representatives of the self-examination side claimed to have informed us that they would step down from the acquisition process after further discussions in recent days,” he added.

As the competition to acquire Manchester United progressed, there was a cautious expectation that Qatar’s capital would take over Manchester United. At the time of the final bid, Qatar’s offer was about 5 billion pounds (about 8.2228 trillion won). The revised proposal is known to be more than 10% better than the existing proposal.

Regarding this, Ben Jacobs, a reporter who works for CBS in the U.S., said on his personal SNS, “Although Qatar’s proposal has not been disclosed in detail, it seems to be about 5.6 billion pounds (about 9.2095 trillion won), including the promised investment.”

However, the amount the Glazers wanted to earn from selling Manchester United was not enough for a whopping 6.4 billion pounds (about 10.5251 trillion won). When the Glazer family’s decision was delayed, Qatar tried to reach a final conclusion, and when it ended in nothing, it was excluded from the negotiations. 토토사이트

According to European transfer market expert Fabrício Romano, “Qatar’s final bid is understood to be almost double the market valuation of $3.5 billion (about 4.7425 trillion won). They also had an investment plan of 1.5 billion dollars.

In addition, Qatar reportedly submitted an unconventional proposal to cancel all existing debts in exchange for 100% acquisition of the club. However, the Glazers rejected such an unconventional offer and decided to sell only 25 percent of the club’s stake to Ratcliffe Capital.

The decision will raise criticism against the Glazers. The Glazers are considered one of the worst owners ever. The Glazers acquired Manchester United in 2005 and created a huge fortune. It was controversial from the process of acquiring Manchester United. He took over Manchester United through a huge debt and created a huge debt for the club. The debt came back with a huge amount of interest. United were busy paying back their debts and interest every time they made money. Nevertheless, the Glazers continued to collect dividends for putting a huge financial burden on the club.

His attitude as an owner was also a problem. Even after the Glazers became owners, Manchester United became the most wealthy club in the world, but no investment was made in infrastructure. Old Trafford, who shared Manchester United’s history, began to wear out and was not properly paid. Recently, it has been revealed that he has been to the 2022 Qatar World Cup using the club’s operating expenses.

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