The whole story of the Super Match bench-clearing crisis… Only one perpetrator? Extensive post-evaluation is required

Looking at the incident that took place in the second half of the 37th round of the “Hana One Q K League 1 2023” between Seoul and Suwon at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 25th, through videos, photos, and testimony from officials, there are many things to consider.

First of all, we need to look at the flow of events. This is about it. 토토사이트

Suwon striker Jun Jin-woo pushed Seoul midfielder Ki Sung-yueng, who had lost his back to take the ball in front of the Seoul bench, in the extra time of the second half when Suwon was leading 1-0 with Basani’s first goal. Referee Park Byung-jin declared a push foul by Jun Jin-woo. Ki ran toward the ball. It is unclear whether Jeon Jin-woo did not recognize Ki Sung-yueng was running or if he was standing in the way of the ball to delay time, but he stood still and tapped the ball with his feet. At this time, Ki pushed Jeon Jin-woo with his shoulder. Suwon Lee Jong-seong and Lee Sang-min, who were near the foul, approached Ki Sung-yueng and protested. Suwon Ko Seung-beom ran to the referee and protested. Players from both teams gradually flocked to the bench in front of Seoul. Referee Park took out a yellow card from Ki Sung-yueng.

A scuffle broke out behind Ki Sung-yueng and Park, who were discussing the foul situation. It started when Lee Sang-min tapped the ball that Seoul’s Palosevic was holding in his hand to kick a free kick. After picking up the ball again, Palosevic pushed Lee Sang-min around his neck with his hand. The two put their chests together and stared at each other fiercely. At this time, Ko Seung-bum separated himself. Ko pushed Palosevic’s chest with his hands and pushed him around his neck with his hands just like Palosevic. Afterwards, he grabbed Ko’s collar. Palosevic also grabbed Ko’s collar. Players and staff from both teams flocked to separate the two from each other. In the process, Seoul’s physical coach Chung Hoon-ki hit Ko in the face. Ko was also grabbed by the head. After communicating with the VAR office, the referee ordered coach Chung to leave the scene directly under the pretext of “insult behavior.”

Even after Suwon’s 1-0 victory, the aftermath lingered. “I feel worse than my body. This is the first time I’ve been punched in my career. It’s really ridiculous. I’m embarrassed why I should be hit and why I should be held in the head,” he said. Videos taken from different angles, other than GIFs circulating in the community, show coach Hwang seem to push Ko’s face with his palm. The game supervisor also reportedly wrote that he pushed Ko to the game report.

Whatever the reason, wherever he hit, it is clear that he hit the opponent in the face. The disciplinary action taken by Coach Hwang to be ejected from the match also appears to be reasonable. There is nothing wrong with Suwon appealing this point to the Korea Professional Football League at the club level. However, if the umpires had quickly taken measures against Suwon’s two time-delayed acts after the first foul, would it have been possible to prevent the bench from being cleared? In addition to Hwang’s face price, a broad post-evaluation should be conducted on Palosevic’s act of pushing Lee Sang-min’s neck with his hand, Ko Seung-beom’s act of pushing and grabbing Palosevic’s collar, and Seoul’s player’s act of grabbing Ko’s hair. The federation plans to decide whether to refer the incident that occurred in a Super Match to the reward and punishment committee based on the match evaluation committee on Friday morning and afternoon.

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