The more things change, the more people love Doyle Brunson

The World Series of poker main events now belongs to a new generation. The last five champions of the tournament were under the age of 25 when they won the tournament. If you look around the Amazon Room, you will see players of all ages playing the game. But now it is the young guns of the online poker generation that consistently score many points and win championships.

But the most loved man in the game is not in his 20s. Not even in his 30s or 40s. He is 79 years old and his name is Doyle Brunson. 바카라

Phil Ivy (sometimes jokingly, sometimes seriously) is often referred to as poker’s Tiger Woods. If Ivy is poker’s Tiger Woods, Brunson is Jack Nicklaus, and Arnold Palmer rolls into one icon.

Main Event On Day 1B of Sunday, WSOP officials revealed busts of Doyle Brunson, similar to what fans see at the Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio, and the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York. Brunson then played Sunday in the main event, his second WSOP game since announcing his retirement from a poker tournament game in April.

Brunson’s table was moved to the stage of a TV stadium in the Amazon room, and fans flocked to watch him play and take photos with their phones.

“I’m absolutely a fan of Doyle Brunson,” said Emily Wolf shortly after taking the special table photo. “He’s a poker legend. He’s probably played longer than anyone else.”

Wolf, who was an entertainment poker player in Las Vegas to participate in a small event and watch his friend do the main event, was in awe of Brunson’s longevity.

“He literally wrote a book about poker, the Bible,” Wolf said, referring to Doyle Brunson’s super system and Doyle Brunson’s super system II.

And Wolff was pretty skeptical about Brunson retiring from tournament poker.

“I didn’t believe it,” Wolf said. “I don’t think he’ll ever stop. I think he’ll play as long as he lives.”

One of Brunson’s friends, Jim Feist, offers a different perspective.

“I know (Doyle) is going for 10 years now,” said Fiest, who will play at the main event Monday. “He’s friendly, entertaining and approachable. He’s someone to look up to.”

Feist also mentions Brunson’s past as a charming and romantic story.

“The life he lived doesn’t exist anymore,” said Paste. “He traveled the back streets of Texas from a cash game to a cash game. It was like the Wild West you saw in the movie. And everyone wants to have the freedom and the life he had.”

Fans aren’t the only ones who love watching Brunson at the WSOP table.

“Dealers wait at their table for him to play,” said Matt Johnson, who trades at WSOP. “He’s a big guy. And he only plays a few games.”

But the love for Brunson goes far beyond respect for the legend.

“He’s an old school,” Johnson said after taking a picture of Brunson in a special seat. “He has good manners and manners.”

Poker historian and director of WSOP media Nolan Dalla notes that Brunson’s longevity has made him a notable figure in poker and Las Vegas history.

Dalla said, “He was there in the beginning and he still competes here at the highest level today.”

“He’s seen everything he’s experienced in the game: the early shenanigans as a rounder, the early Las Vegas with a brilliant past, and the modern day we belong now,” Dalla added. “And Doyle survived all of that. Not many people survived the period. They’re gone now. But Doyle survived all of that.”

“I think we all want to see him and be Doyle Brunson,” Dalla said. “That’s what makes him great. We all aspire to stand for something like Doyle stood for.”

Doyle Brunson finished Day 1B of the main event with 90,000 chips.

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