“12 European players.” What is the cold probability of Korea winning the Asian Cup?

Klinsmann tries to win Asian Cup for the first time in 64 years
Including 12 European players, top knocks as the best member

Will they really be able to win the title this time? The Korean national team, led by Jürgen Klinsmann, is aiming for its first Asian Cup championship in 64 years. The team is aiming to win the 2023 AFC Asian Cup, which kicks off in Qatar on January 13 next year (Korea time). The team has confirmed the final 26 players. The team consisted of 12 European players.

What is the probability of winning the title, which I am most curious about? I thought about it for a while. I can’t swallow. About 30 percent. Honestly, I think 30 percent is because I did well at the moment. A poor evaluation? Well, I don’t think so. It is true that Korean players are among the best in Asia. There are also world class players, including Son Heung-min and Kim Min-jae. However, there are question marks over team teamwork and adjustment to variables. 안전놀이터

The game is in the Middle East. It is also in the Middle East. There are so many bad memories of the Middle East. In addition, hosts Qatar, Iran, and Saudi Arabia are never easy opponents to see. Iraq and the United Arab Emirates are also seen as ambush. In addition, Japan and Australia have more power than Middle Eastern teams, and Uzbekistan, which has grown little by little, is also not easy.

Team Korea, which belongs to Group E, will face off against two Middle Eastern teams. Opportunities and crises coexist. Jordan and Bahrain are teams that are inferior to ours. However, they are still Middle Eastern countries. We cannot predict what will happen. We should not fall into the so-called “drying game.” We should win outright in order to avoid sick and tired of bed soccer. Of course, confronting Middle Eastern teams in the group stage can be a good test for the actual game of the tournament.

Ahead of the 2019 Asian Cup in the United Arab Emirates, I met an acquaintance and made a similar prediction. “It will not be easy for Korea to win the title, and we should be wary of Middle Eastern teams.” In fact, Korea packed up its bags as it lost 0-1 to Qatar, its home team, in the quarterfinals. Although its overall performance and performance were not bad, it was blocked by Qatar’s home team in the tournament, which ended in a loss. Qatar took advantage of its beating spirit to win the title at the tournament.

Korea should learn from four years ago by making it a learning effect. Korea can play a single match with Middle Eastern teams or potential winners from the round of 16. As even a small mistake can lead to a big result, Korea needs to be fully prepared. Frankly, Korea has no choice but to give a cool-headed assessment on its probability of winning the title at this juncture. Korea has to win all four matches from the round of 16 to the final. It is not easy. Considering the territoriality of the Middle East and basic military capabilities, it is very difficult to conclude a 50-50 match with four consecutive wins.

That’s why he said 30 percent is considered high. The most important part of a short-term competition such as the Asian Cup is team organization and concentration. Twelve European players with outstanding individual skills will join the team, but there is not much time to adjust their teamwork. They also have tasks to upgrade their strategies and strategies to overcome their territorial power in the Middle East. In addition, it is the first big competition since Coach Klinsmann took office. Expectations are high, but there are also concerns.

Having sent its best members to the Asian Cup since the 1996 United Arab Emirates, Korea repeatedly drank seaweed soup. Whenever it competed in the tournament, it was always a “failure to win.” The team lost 2-6 to Iran in the quarterfinals at the 1996 tournament, which is a disgrace to the Korean soccer. It lost to Saudi Arabia 1-2 in the semifinals at the 2000 Lebanon tournament, and to Iran 3-4 in the quarterfinals at the 2004 China tournament.

In the 2007 four-nation tournament in Southeast Asia, the Asian Games drew 0-0 with Iraq in the semi-finals, and then fell behind 3-4 in the shootout. In the 2011 Qatar Championship, the Asian Games lost 0-3 in the shootout after having a 2-2 match with Japan in the semi-finals. The 2015 tournament was the most disappointing. Son Heung-min led the team to the final, but lost to Australia 1-2 in an overtime play. In the last tournament, the team was defeated by Qatar in the quarter-finals.

In the last seven Asian Cups, the team has stopped progressing by kneeling down to Middle Eastern teams. Then, it ended its championship dream twice as it was blocked by Japan and Australia. Will it be different in this year’s event? Will the Taegeuk Warriors, who have grown further, overcome all difficulties and win their first championship in 64 years? 30 percent. It is by no means an easy mission. I have no desire to lose the energy of the national team, which I will do its best to prepare for. The reality is that the outlook is not very bright, however. This means that winning the Asian Cup is not very easy.

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