The “Jeju Samdasoo Masters” held at Elysian Jeju Country Club in Jeju Island

Lim Jin-young, a 19-year-old girl who expressed her ambition, “It’s a competition in my hometown of Jeju, so I really want to win.” Lim Jin-young expressed his ambition in the third round of the “Jeju Samdasoo Masters” held at Elysian Jeju Country Club in Jeju Island on the 6th. Rookie Lim Jin-young, who joined the KLPGA in 2021, was born in 2003 and is now a 19-year-old girl. In October 2021, he won first place in the KLPGA 2021 full-time member selection finals and received a regular tour seed. Lim Jin-young attended 16 tournaments on the 2022 regular tour and missed nine cuts. Although he is relatively short, he has an advantage of long hits. The average drive distance this season is 250.62 yards, ranking ninth overall. have sufficient growth potential. 토토사이트

On the first day of the first round of the tournament, Lim Jin-young made three consecutive birdies on the 13th and 15th holes, and tied for second place by one stroke with seven birdies on the 3rd and 4th holes and the 6th and 9th holes. Lim Jin-young started in the same group as Ahn Song-yi and Heo Da-bin in the third round. “Rookie” Lim Jin-young talked with the two players when he looked at them curiously. While moving for the second shot, she also gave off aegyo when she said, “Unnie, let me take a picture with you” to the two players posing to the reporters.

After the end of the first round, Lim Jin-young has appeared twice as a recommended player in the “Jeju Samdasoo Masters” during his amateur days through regional selection. It feels new to enter the competition as a professional like this. “It’s a competition held in my hometown, and I’m more greedy to win because Jeju Samdasoo is a sub-sponsor,” he said. As for his future goal, he said, “What I set as a goal while playing on the regular tour in the 2022 season is to maintain the seed. It was sluggish in the first half, but I tried hard in the second half. “I’m going to show you as many plays as I can,” he said.

Lim Jin-young, who tied for second place in the first round, unfortunately finished the game tied for 33rd with 288 strokes.Lim Jin-young will participate in the “Daeyu Winia and MBN Women’s Open” held at Daeyu Montberg Country Club from the 12th and challenge for her first championship in her life. Meanwhile, Ji Han-sol scored consecutive birdies in the last four holes of the fourth round to win the title with a come-from-behind victory. Ji Han-sol, who recorded three wins in his career, received 162 million won in prize money and takes a week off.

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