Swedish Games Expands From Latam With Betfair

The gaming team recently announced a new partnership agreement with Betfair Casino, one of the world’s most recognized casinos in the industry.

With the newly signed agreement, the gaming group will seamlessly integrate the title into Betfair Casino’s platform with the primary goal of expanding LatAm region. Betfair Casino was founded in 2006 and offers extensive diagnostics on a variety of online casino games.

Mats Lundin, head of sales at Game Group, said, “This marks a significant milestone for our company, and our team is pleased to offer a warm welcome to Betfair, one of the leading gaming giants on a global scale. Betfair has established a presence in the LatAm region, and it’s amazing to offer top-rated titles to users in this market, including a repeat of the famous Palent Champion game. Adding additional excitement to this cooperation is the possibility of expansion into other markets. We eagerly look forward to the opportunity to be in front of both parties.” 파친코

Stefano Buse, Managing Director of Gaming at Betfair International, said, “Gaming Corp. has emerged as a leading supplier in the LatAm region, and their extensive title diagnosis would be a great complement to our library. Betfair Casino places considerable importance on our work in Latin America, and we are very happy to suggest that our users access Gaming Corp’s games. We eagerly look forward to working with Gaming Corp and facilitating the growth of this cooperation.”

Gaming Corp. will bring customized options for wildly popular Mine games, including the Penalty Champion, to the Betfair Casino. Additionally, a full set of games such as Plinko, Slot games, and Table and Crash games will be available on Betfair Casino.

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