Stakeelozic Live Partners For Belgian Premiere Of Chromaqui Studio Technology With Star Casino

StayKelozic Live, the high-end technology arm of StayKelozic, a leading iGaming content provider, has entered into a deal with the operator StarCasino to supply the developer’s latest innovative live casino solutions.

StarkeLogic Live will take the green screen experience to the next level by offering Chroma Key Studio products to Star Casino under the B2C partnership, while the provider’s Chroma Key Studio utilizes pioneering technology to enhance the live casino experience, enabling operators to review the data and product performance they want, and customizing the live casino experience to the player’s taste. 온라인카지노

Game-changing green-screen studios can project the Star Casino brand across casino and table games, adding value to the services offered by operators and creating an immersive iGaming experience.

With its remarkable debut in the Netherlands recently, entering Belgium seems to be a natural step forward. The partnership between Star Casino and Star Casino has given Chromaqui Studios its first foray into the Belgian market. These product introductions will allow Star Casino to boast its position as a provider of exclusive live casino experiences to Belgian customers.

At the same time, the preview will strengthen the operator status of a country-leading platform dedicated to providing the latest industrial solutions to domestic players. Starcellozic Live will also benefit from the deal and solidify its position as a live casino content provider representing Belgium. Commenting on the product preview in Belgium, Dejan Lonka, Live Director of Star Kelozic Live, reportedly said, “Chroma Key is innovating what live casino studios can do.”

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