“SON Real Rumors, Nothing materializes with any suggestion” 英 media brings up Real Madrid as soon as it forgets

British media “Express” highlighted the rumor that Son Heung-min will transfer to Real on Wednesday (Korea time). The Express reported that Son’s performance at Tottenham over the years has attracted Real’s attention. However, the rumor has not been materialized by any suggestion yet. 메이저 토토사이트

Whenever the summer transfer window approached, Son suffered from rumors of a “real transfer” as if it were an annual event. Not only Spain but also various European media outlets have expanded and reproduced stories of Son being a fan of Son, and that Son was included in Real’s list of potential recruitment candidates. The last time Son was linked to Real was in September last year. Spanish media Pichaess claimed that Real was aiming for Son.

After Son Heung-min joined Tottenham in 2015, the most plausible transfer theory was Liverpool in 2022. Son Heung-min became the top scorer in the Premier League in the 2021-202 season and commanded the top class in Europe. At that time, Liverpool planned to recruit Son Heung-min if Tottenham failed to advance to the Champions League, but his dream went up in smoke as Tottenham dramatically joined TOP4 at the end of the season.

Son is indispensable to Tottenham. Son is set to renew a massive contract with Tottenham again. British media Give Me Sports reported last month that Tottenham will have no problem signing the contract with Son.

Tottenham looked set to face a major crisis with the sale of its star player Harry Kane to Bayern Munich ahead of this season. However, Son completely erased Kane’s shadow under new coach Enzi Postecoglou. Son performed 200% as captain and striker at the same time.

The Express said, “Son Heung-min said goodbye to Kane, who boasted a strong partnership for eight years, but now he has become Tottenham’s mainstay and essential. Tottenham President Daniel Levy said, “If a club that wants Son Heung-min appears, it will definitely ask for a huge amount of money,” and diagnosed that it is almost impossible to get Son Heung-min out of Tottenham.

Give Me Sports said, “Discussions on Son’s new contract will likely begin soon. Son is the center of the Postecoglou revolution.” Son was born in 1992. He is 32 years old this year. His best years as a soccer player are numbered. If he finishes his career at Tottenham, where he spent most of his career, he will surely become a legend of the club.

“Son Heung-min became a key player even after Harry Kane left,” said Paul Brown, a journalist well-versed in Tottenham’s history. “He is happy at Tottenham. I don’t think there is any problem that hinders long-term contracts,” adding that re-signing is only a matter of time.

Meanwhile, Son Heung-min left his club Tottenham for a while to participate in the Asian Cup. He is expected to miss up to six weeks. Tottenham is expected to loan former Chelsea striker Timo Werner to fill Son’s vacancy.

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