Son Junho has been in custody for six months…’ Son Heung-min, a “friend” who will play against China, feels heavy

The national soccer team, led by head coach Jurgen Klinsmann, will face the Chinese national team in the second round of the 2026 North-China World Cup Asian qualifying round at the Universiade Sports Center in Shenzhen, China, on the 21st.

Korea is absolutely dominant in its objective power. South Korea has a total of 27 wins, 12 draws, and 6 losses against China, including both A matches and friendly matches. In terms of the A match alone, Korea is even more overwhelming with 17 wins, 12 draws, and 1 loss.

South Korea’s only defeat was the “Changsa disaster” in 2017. South Korea, led by Coach Uli Stielike at the time, lost 0-1 to China in the 6th round of the final qualifying round for the World Cup in Russia. The shock wave was huge due to the first loss in the Chinese away game in the history of Korean football. Son Heung-min failed to accumulate warnings. At that time, Stielike suffered from pressure to replace him due to the defeat. This Shenzhen expedition also means paying back the pain of the “Changsa disaster.”

There is another reason why the national soccer team players feel heavy. This is because his colleague Son Joon-ho, who played in the Qatar World Cup together, has been detained in China for as long as six months. 슬롯머신

In May, Son Joon-ho was forcibly taken away from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport while trying to return home with his family. Son Joon-ho was investigated by the Chaoyang Public Security Bureau in Liaoning Province on charges of receiving non-state operatives. When the deadline for criminal detention (temporary arrest) expired, it was converted to an arrest investigation on June 18. Arrest investigation is possible for up to seven months. Son Joon-ho has already been detained for more than six months.

China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on May 16 that Son Joon-ho was under investigation for “taking over non-state operatives.” The “crime of receiving non-state operatives” applies to cases in which a person belonging to a company or other unit who is not a government agency illegally receives property from others using his or her job convenience.

The Korea Football Association and Foreign Minister Park Jin have also stepped up to release Son Joon-ho, but it is frustrating that there is no point. The Chinese side has not provided any information. It is also unknown when Son Jun-ho will be tried. It is also difficult to estimate the sentence if one is found guilty.

Minister Park said in September, “With regard to Son, more than three months have passed. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is making efforts to protect overseas Koreans so that this problem can be resolved quickly. We consulted to assist consuls and interview lawyers, he said. However, more than two months have passed since then, but there has been no clear progress.

The national team has “92 Line,” who is the same age as Son Joon-ho. Son Heung-min, Kim Jin-soo, Lee Jae-sung and Hwang Ui-jo were all born in 1992. They are clearly taking the center stage in the national team. However, it is very frustrating that Son Joon-ho is in custody and cannot contact him. Senior players are also worried. Son Joon-ho has no choice but to have a bigger idea of playing against the Chinese national team in China.

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