SOFTSWISS’s Affilka Declares 200 Partnerships

Affilka, a partnership management and tracking software platform built for the iGaming industry by leading Malta-based cryptocurrency gambling company SOFTSWISS, has publicly announced 200 brands as partners. Their main task is to help the platform expand its reach and popularity – to help them gain more customers and become better known around the world.

The award-winning platform introduced 75 new customers throughout the year, reaching a milestone of 200 by the end of the year!

The software platform currently has 105,000 affiliate accounts registered in the platform’s partner program and the best part is that the platform is expected to grow further in 2023!

Achieving these 200 partnership goals demonstrates that the platform has become a powerful and reliable iGaming partner with expertise in the development of affiliate management and tracking software five years after it was officially launched.

The innovation platform introduced new projects in November, with 20 more new projects in November alone. 온라인카지노

Affilka’s plan for 2023 is to improve the scripts and procedures used to move brands from third-party or in-house software, making the entire process simpler and faster.

In addition to the current SOFTSWISS casino platform, we will integrate our portfolio of new B2B platform vendors throughout next year, as we have an integrated portfolio of Advabet, True Label, Novateq, Playbook Engineering, Easyrocket, and many other B2B brands.

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