‘Soccer life ended with sexual assault!’ Barcelona legend Dani Alves seeks nine years in prison

According to a report by The Sun on the 25th, prosecutors in Barcelona, Spain, will issue a nine-year prison sentence for Alves, who is accused of sexual assault, and 130,000 pounds (about 214.06 million won) to the victim.

The date of Alves’ trial has not been set yet. If Alves is sentenced to nine years in prison at trial, he will not be released from prison until the age of 50. As he cannot become a coach after retirement, his soccer career is effectively over. 안전놀이터

Alves was arrested by police on charges of sexually assaulting a young woman in the bathroom of a nightclub in Barcelona, Spain, on Dec. 30 last year. Alves admitted that she was a completely unknown woman, and that she had sex by agreement, but denied any charges of sexual assault.

The victim has made conflicting statements, saying she and Alves were originally in a relationship. Alves has been detained in a preliminary prison since January. A Spanish court rejected the request for release, judging that Alves was feared to escape.

Alves was a fullback for Brazil when he was an active player. He played for prestigious clubs including Barcelona, Juventus, and PSG. He also had a showdown with Korea at the round of 16 strongest teams at the World Cup Qatar last year as a member of Brazil’s national team.

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