Players switch to Black Ops due to low gambling limit

As mentioned earlier, the study showed that 7% of more than 3,000 respondents chose an unlicensed operator, while 12% were unsure whether the gambling platform had acquired a Swedish license.

In a statement, the BOS explains that new strict restrictions on the Swedish market could be a major reason for players’ transition to the black market. A gambling survey found that about 16% of gamblers who prefer unlicensed websites did so to avoid a gambling limit of 5,000 Swedish krona replaced by the Swedish government. A better chance of winning is also a valuable argument for gamblers.

The BOS argues that the Spellinspect’s investigation itself highlights the evils of the restrictions imposed. The organization warns that the stricter the regulations, the less attractive licensed operators are to their players. The regulated Swedish market is already over-exhausted by low limits and high fees, so licensed operators cannot match Black Ops’ attractive offer. 경마사이트

With studies showing that more than half of players on unlicensed platforms have gambling problems, the Korea International Trade Association also stressed the issue of customer protection. The group points out that everyone gambling on illegal websites is a lost player for the Swedish consumer protection program.

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