No way, the next Peddy? KIA-Samsung’s ambitious work, will there be another ‘game changer’ in the league

You can’t play baseball alone. It’s hard to lead a team to a championship by yourself. However, sometimes a heroic action can elevate a team’s ranking and create synergy effects for the whole team. Eric Peddy (31, Chicago White Sox) was such a player in the 2023 KBO League. It was the subject of fear.

With his stellar career as a starting pitcher with two full-time careers in the Major League, he showed off the power of a major leaguer without reservation. He pitched 180 ⅓ innings in 30 games this season, recording 20-6 losses with 2.00 ERA and 209 strikeouts. It was a big hit. The first foreign pitcher to win the Triple Crown and the MVP title of the regular season, he returned to the Major League late last year after signing a two-year, 15 million-dollar contract with the Chicago White Sox. 온라인카지노사이트

NC came in fourth with 75 wins, 67 losses and two draws (.528) in the regular season last year. NC returned to the post season vying for third place until the end of the season, and in the semi-playoff, it advanced to the playoff stage by beating the SSG, ranking third in the league, with all three wins. It was definitely not Peddy alone that produced this performance. It was NC’s power, power and victory that led to the selection of Peddy. However, many officials agree that the performance would not have been possible without Peddy.

Even without assuming an extreme example of a foreign player’s failure, NC’s ranking could have been closer to fifth place than fourth place if it had been just that kind of player instead of Pedi. Considering that there were two games to match with sixth-place KIA, they could have had a hard-fought game until the last minute. However, maybe Pedi changed the game. NC laughed, while the other teams cried.

Kia and Samsung, which failed to advance to the post season last year, desperately need a “game changer” like Pedi. It is not easy to elevate the overall capability of the Korean team at once. Then, foreign players’ capability may change the team’s capability. Both Kia, which shed tears last year due to sluggish foreign pitchers, and Samsung, which had David Buchanan, who led its team as an ace, desperately need heroism from foreign pitchers.

It is noteworthy that both teams have selected players who can have such expectations. KIA has signed right-hander Will Crow (30), who has experience as a full-time starter in the Major League. Crow was selected as one of Washington’s top starting prospects when he was young, and was selected by Pittsburgh during the trade of Josh Bell, an All-Star batter. In 2021, right after the transfer, he started 25 games. Although he was not a starter in 2022, he played in 60 games as a must-winner for his team. For a player who came to the KBO League, he has a spectacular career.

Conor Seabold (28) has a big name. He is the player that fans are most interested in and have high expectations for in Samsung, which has replaced all three foreign players. Seabold, who was drafted in the third round by the Philadelphia Phillies in the 2017 rookie draft, started his career as a starting pitcher for the Colorado Rockies last year. His performance is not impressive due to unfavorable conditions in which he uses Coors Field, the grave of pitchers, as his home ground, but he played 13 out of 27 games as a starting pitcher.

Foreign players literally have to open the lid to find out. However, the assessment is that both players have good ball power. Both players have shoulders that can throw at speeds of 150 kilometers per hour. As the players have been trained as starters since childhood, they are expected to have plenty of experience in terms of game management as well. If one plays without injury, one can expect more than 10 wins as the ace player of the team.

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