Napoli Fell In 5th Place, Coach Dismissed After 8R ‘Touching Touching’

According to a report by Italian media Sky Italy on the 9th, Napoli is internally considering and discussing the replacement of coach Rudy Garcia. It is known that he can be replaced on weekdays as early as possible.

Napoli is currently in fifth place with 14 points, with four wins, two draws and two losses after eight rounds. The atmosphere is clearly different from last season’s overwhelming champion. Only a season ago, his defense was solid enough to score only 28 runs in 38 games, but he allowed nine goals in eight games this season. The number exceeds one goal per game. Above all, the 1-3 defeat to Fiorentina at home in the eighth round was a decisive opportunity to narrow down Guardia’s position. It was a losing streak following the defeat against Real Madrid in the UEFA Champions League group stage during the week. It is a difficult early performance to satisfy for Napoli fans, who have raised their eyes due to winning Serie A last season.

In fact, Napoli’s squad has not changed much compared to last season. Most of the major players, including Victor Osimhen, Hvitsa Kravatshelia, Piotr Zielinski, Giovanni Di Lorenzo and Alex Merrett, remain. 토토

The problem is that Kim Min-jae, who moved to Bayern Munich, has a bigger gap than expected. Kim Min-jae showed outstanding ability to the extent that he was selected as the best defender in Serie A last season. Napoli played aggressive soccer using Kim Min-jae’s wide radius of activity and accurate build-up. Even if they raised the line high, they often succeeded in defending through one Kim Min-jae. It was the driving force behind the 0-point loss rate. However, there is no Kim Min-jae in Napoli this season.

Napoli left Kim Min-jae but did not recruit accordingly. For this reason, Napoli fans, officials, and the media are openly sending messages missing Kim Min-jae. Not only on SNS but also offline, many people are looking at Kim Min-jae’s vacancy. It was only one season, but it is a season where you can see how strong Kim Min-jae made an impression and loved him.

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