Italian professional soccer’s Serie A team Napoli has apologized for a video it posted that appeared to mock striker Victor Osimhen, saying it “did not intend to do so,” but not apologizing.”We want to make it clear that we had no intention of offending or mocking Osimhen,” Napoli said in a statement on Monday (Aug. 29), adding that “the fact that we rejected all offers for him in the summer transfer window is a clear indication of the high regard in which he is held by the club” .The club added: “On social media such as TikTok, words are used in a light-hearted and playful manner. In this case, there was no intention to mock Osimhen,” the club added, “and if he was offended, it was never the club’s intention .”Napoli drew 0-0 with Bologna in the fifth round of the 2023-2024 Serie A on May 25.Osimhen missed a penalty kick in the 27th minute of the second leg and was subbed off in the 41st minute to show his displeasure with the coach .In the meantime, Napoli released a video on their TikTok account on the 27th that appeared to mock Osimhen, sparking controversy. The video contained racial slurs, such as “I’m A COCONUT,” a coconut composite of Osimhen’s body, and the caption “Gimme penalty, please” on a video of Osimhen in action. After Osimhen’s agent saw the video and said he would consider legal action against the club, the club took it down. The club released an official statement later that day, but it did not directly apologize to Osimen, raising 스포츠토토 questions about its sincerity.

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