“My daughter, Ahn Se-young, is not a genius.” The parents’ affirmation that sent shivers

Queen Ahn Se-young (21, Samsung Life Insurance), who proudly wrote a glorious name in the history of Korean badminton. For the first time in 29 years, both women’s team events and singles at the Asian Games have won gold medals, making them a major player in Korean sports as well as sports.

Ahn Se-young defeated Chen Yu-pei of China in the women’s singles final of badminton at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games held at Hangzhou Binjiang Gymnasium in China on the 7th. It won the set score of 2-1 (21-18 17-21 21-8).

It’s a hot war of revenge. Ahn Se-young experienced the pain of elimination when he lost to Cheon Yu-pei in the first round during the Jakarta-Palembang 2018 tournament, but won his last game five years later.

In particular, it is the first gold medal in the women’s singles at the Asian Games in 29 years for a Korean player. Ahn became the first female singles champion since the 1994 Hiroshima Games. Ahn Se-young, who has already led the women’s team championship for the first time in 29 years on the 1st, won two singles and team titles for the first time since Bang Soo-hyun.

Some people looked at Ahn Se-young with a proud look than anyone else. Ahn Jung-hyun (54) and Lee Hyun-hee (48), Ahn’s parents. Not only the team event but also the individual event were cheered and cheered in the stands. 바카라

He is on an invincible march as the world’s No. 1 player, but he was not in very good shape. Ahn Se-young said in an interview after the quarterfinals of the individual match, “I’m a little worried about my bad knee.” Lee, the mother who heard the news, said, “Even if Se-young is sick, she doesn’t talk to her parents, especially when she does it alone,” adding, “When your knees hurt, it’s really bad.”

Lee said, “My dad used to be an athlete, but I told Se-young from an early age, ‘You have to go through a situation where the player’s body is broken to make it to the national team,'” adding, “Se-young also thinks it’s a pain that an athlete has to take.” “If you ask me seriously, I won’t talk, so like my dad said passing by, ‘What do you think?’ and I said, ‘It’s still useful. He said, “I’m also a person, but I can’t do it if it’s really hard,” and added, “I think it’s a burden, but I think I prepared well for it.”

Ahn, a former member of the boxing national team, was also worried but did not agonize. Ahn said, “I didn’t tap until the preliminary round, but I thought it was bad because I did it on my right knee from the quarterfinals,” adding, “But I thought I would overcome it if it was my daughter’s style.” “Se-young wins, so I’m encouraged,” he said, smiling, “I was nervous because I tried to prepare for the final, but I was at ease in my heart.”

However, at the time of the final, my heart had no choice but to sink. Lee said, “When Se-young collapsed and called medical time, he shouted, ‘Stop giving up now.'” An official from his team Samsung Life Insurance said, “My parents almost collapsed and could not cheer.” However, Ahn overcame the injury and was able to write a new history of Korean badminton. After the game, Lee expressed his regret toward his daughter, who finished the award ceremony and interviews with reporters, saying, “I’m crazy, how did I endure it?”

Ahn said, “In fact, I tried not to make the children do it because I worked out,” adding, “When I see them struggling, I wonder why they made me do it.” After playing soft tennis, he turned to boxing and participated in the Hiroshima Asian Games. (Ahn smiled broadly, saying, “I couldn’t win a medal at the time, but my daughter let my father’s regret go for the first time in 29 years.)

However, Ahn said, “When I see myself setting goals and working hard to achieve them, I try so hard that I have to be an athlete in my next life,” and added, “I will say that I have my DNA (from an athlete), but I am more of an effort than a genius.” “Genius players are a little weak in their efforts,” he said. “But Se-young is much more trying in terms of percentage.”

Mom is of the same opinion. Lee said, “It is true that Se-young has active energy and DNA like other players,” and added, “But even if I don’t do anything, I don’t think I’m good at it.” “I’m a style that always tries to fill my shortcomings,” he said. “Se-young’s real ability is to be able to work on this.”

He is not a genius of talent, but a genius of effort. Lee asked back, “I can’t say I want to try, but I don’t keep my promise because I want to work out without taking a day off.” “But Se-young has a heart to endure that, but I think that’s the real strength.”

He then looked proud, saying, “I try to keep my promise with myself, I try to take responsibility, I try to do it, and the power to endure even if it’s really hard is merit.” After all, the best talent a daughter has is “really hard work,” as her parents say. (In particular, listening to his mother Lee’s explanation about his daughter’s tendency, I felt a shiver running down my spine. He spoke quietly but knew Ahn Se-young’s growth and training process better than anyone else in the world.)

Ahn Se-young also believes in the power of hard work. Ahn Se-young, who led the team to the championship, admitted, “It’s very difficult,” when asked about the burden of physical strength during the individual competition. However, he laughed, saying, “It’s okay because I wondered if I trained early in the morning to do this.” Since he endured tremendous training from dawn to morning, afternoon and night, Ahn Se-young was able to show confidence, saying, “No matter who comes up, I think I can play well enough if I do as I train.”

Ahn hinted, “I play the role of a mentor because I know how to read my daughter’s mind.” Then what about the father. Ahn said, “It’s a dog’s neck,” and added, “Se-young said, ‘Daddy, you can just stay still (there),” literally smiling as a father.

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