Mr Hornbuckle’s appointment as head of the gaming and hospitality conglomerate is effective immediately

The experienced industry leader is in control of MGM in unprecedented circumstances, both within the company itself and across the gaming and hospitality sectors. 경마사이트

While it was originally expected to take a little longer to find a successor to the CEO, MGM moved to speed up the process amid the spread of the coronavirus crisis gripping the world.

Earlier last week, MGM announced that it would close all Las Vegas facilities to prevent the spread of the dangerous virus. A few days later, Nevada Governor Steve Sissolak ordered the closure of all casinos in the state, as well as other nonessential businesses, over a 30-day period. MGM has also been ordered to close casino resorts in several other states in the face of the highly contagious virus.

In a letter to current MGM’s former colleagues, Mr. Mullen said he accelerated his decision to step down as CEO and chairman, allowing his current team to “manage this crisis without uncertainty about interim leadership changes.”

During his 22-year stint at MGM, Mr. Mullen held various positions at the company before taking over as chairman and CEO of MGM in 2008.

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